Railway Track Handling Transfer Electric Flatbed Cart Manufacturer

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Product Description:
 CE certified Approved Heavy Duty Railway Transfer  Cart For Heavy Materials
 KP Series electric power flatcar for work is designed for transporting heavy cargoes or equipment from one bay to another in factory. It can be used indoor or outdoor. The fields include metallurgy, foundry, new factory construction and shipbuilding and so on. With  different styles and standard capacities up to 300 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application.
 Main Features:
 1. The transfer machine is suitable for various industries, steel mill, transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc .
 2. For horizontal load transfers of a wide  range of material, RAMHOIST has the heavy duty, high quality Transfer Cart solution you need.
 3. Transfer carts are used to carry loads along assembly lines; transfer material from one work station to the next; store and transport an entire shift worth of production. They can even be used as a stable yet moveable machine base.
 4. It's necessary equipment for lifting goods, raising labor efficiency, improving working conditions.

Main features
 (1) KPX series are more safe and flexible.
 (2) It has no strict requirement for the construction of the railway
 (3) No limit of running distance
 (4) Safe and convenient operation for there is no wire outside the car
 (5) Adjustable speed

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  Working principle:
  This kind of Rail Transfer Heavy Load Mover is powered by battery in the cart. DC motor and gear reducer are controlled by DC control system to drive wheels and make the transport carriage start, stop, go forward and backward, speed up and slow down and so on. kpx flat carts can be used both on the "S" and arc-shaped railways.

 The Rail Transfer cart is suitable for various industries, steel mill,  transfer steel products such as steel structure, steel pipe, steel billets, steel ladle and coil, etc
 from one location to another; Paper roll plant: transfer paper coil Painting shops: transfer work piece into the painting room Sand blasting room Other industries: shipbuilding, quarries, warehouses and multi-bay workshops, etc