Dragged Cable Powered Electric Railway Wire Coil Transfer Cart

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Product Description
Electric Transfer Carts Description 1t to 300t loading railway track electric transfer cart is designed for transporting heavy cargoes or equipment from one bay to another in factory. It can be used indoor or outdoor. The fields include metallurgy, foundry, new factory construction and shipbuilding and so on. With different styles and standard capacities up to 300 tons, we have the solution you need and each style can be designed for your specific application. 1t to 300t loading railway track electric transfer cart main contains KPD, KPJ, KPT and KPX, If you are unsure as to what type of transfer cart will best serve your needs. Spending a few minutes now discussing the needs of your application could save you dollars in the future. According to your business needs, we will provides you with the most professional products, our products are found in all sectors, with excellent craftsmanship and technical team, so we produce transfer cart applications in various industries have been widely used.

The design drawing and product picture
Main parts of transfer carts
Detailed Images
Heavy Material Handling Ferry Motorized Steerable Battery Powered AGV Rail Electric Coil Transfer Cart

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Cart Frame
The frame adopts box beam structure according to the crane principle and combined with the design of the wheel. It is with large load capacity, long service lifetime. Besides, not easy deformation and can effectively ensure the smooth of the platform.

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Cast Rail Wheel
The cast rail wheel, its material is cast steel (the material of the wheels also can be customized as per demands). Up to now, the largest capacity has been reach to 500 ton we have done among rail transfer cart.

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Handle & Remote Control
There are handle and remote control two methods, and control panel also can be installed as your demands.

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Safety Device
The safety device, with flexible reaction, can stop automatically, when meeting some obstacles. And compared with the common one, the fan-shaped sensoring zone can be realized, which makes the operation safer.

Available Options
 Flat decks or fixtures customized for specific loads.
 Custom deck configurations including built-in scales and lift/tilt/rotate capabilities.
 Track or trackless, non-guided steering. Alternative drive and steering systems including gear reducer axle drives and individually-controlled drive wheels.
 Fixed or variable speeds with forward/reverse function.
 Drives with acceleration/deceleration capabilities.
 Variety of operator control systems including fixed user interface, pendant control on coil cord, and radio-controlled remote operation.
 Safety features including horns, flashing lights, e-stops, bumpers and collision avoidance systems.

Advantage & Feature
Heavy Duty Steel Material Handling Motorized Die Steerable Battery AGV Electric Coil Transfer Cart
 1. Convenient Maintenance: Lubricate some joint active parts, such as wheels, bearings, etc. Others mainly focus on inspection and cleaning.
 2. Shorter Shutdown Maintenance Time: Convenient and quick, short downtime, low maintenance costs.
 3. Environmental Impact Equal To Zero: Low noise, no emissions.
 4. Control Performance Is Better: The operation control is simple and convenient, and it is flexible, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and it is very helpful for improving the working efficiency and the accuracy of the work.
 5. Long Service Life: The using time of the transfer cart can last up to 20 years. The service life of the battery is 1500 charge and discharge cycles, and the working hours are about 12,000 hours.
 6. This series of transfer cart can running on S-shaped, C-shaped, curved rails, etc.
 7. Custom designed load moving systems, based on specific application requirements.

Our Services

  • Our commitment: The load bearing safety factor of the electric trolley handles coils is no less than 120%.

  • Freely design the auxiliary device or foundation drawing, and offer the technical service and drawing material.

  • 16 hours engineering service and 24 hours internet service for our customers.

  • During the warranty period, if our electric trolley handles coils can't work normally, we can support you repair technology or replace relevant parts for you within 24 hours.

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