China Plant Cable Drum Powered Electric 50t Railway Transfer Cart

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Motorized battery operated heavy duty die railway transfer cart

Motorized battery operated heavy duty die railway transfer cart, simply speaking, it is an electric flat cart running on the rails. Due to its power supply, it gets rid of the limitation of cable, and has no strict requirement for the rails. The kinds of transfer cart can be operated via remote control, which makes it more convenient and safer. What's more, due to this power, it can run without limited distance as long as charged fully!

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Our Design Concepts

In order to meet industrial transport demand, we design the kinds of transfer cart, which makes the transporting more convenient and realized turning easily. What's more, the safe protection has been done in many points, which not only promote safety factor but also get good assessment from our client all over the world.

Product Application of Motorized heavy duty die railway transfer cart

The transfer cart can be used in all kinds of environment with no limited running distance.

Its application range includes:

Mould field, car field, steel, iron, heavy industry, light industry, chemical, mine, ship, project, spaceflight, coal, nuclear energy, hydraulic engineering, etc.

For material transport:

Bolier, coil items, pump, transformer, shaft, drum, steel ladle, steel structure, steel pipe, mould, beam, container, heavy equipment, heavy machinery, Aluminum product, compressor, polycrystalline silicon, motor, coil, scrap, pallet...

All can be customized as per customers' requirement. And our business is meeting your business need, hope our professional team can help you well with rich experience.

Working Principle of steel tube handling custom rail transfer carts

The series transfer cart is battery powered. The battery is installed in the carts. The batteries supplied the electricity to the DC motor through the electrical control system. By this ways, we can make the transfer carts to start, stop, go forward, back ward, adjust the speed and so on.

Of course, the power supplies are chosen as per your working environment, the proper solution will be recommended to you after knowing your plant. Hope rich experience (more than 15 years) can help you well.

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Advantage of product

  • Simple structure

  • Anti-explosion

  • Anti-high temperature

  • DC Motor control

  • Safe devices are installed(Sound&light alarm, dead man stop, e-stop)

  • The hydraulic lifting device can be equipped as per customers' demand

  • The V frame can be installed for cylindric material 

  • Customization is provided

  • Professional and high quality

  • Long lifetime (about 2.5 years)

  • Stable start

  • Big starting power

  • Small impact to the gear reducer

  • Adjusted speed

  • Low voltage

  • For full load, it can run continuously more than 4 hours.

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Detailed pictures

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How to choose the suitable transfer cart?
All of our transfer carts all customized as client's requirement, for choose the most suitable transfer trolley, please kindly providing the following information: Transfer or handling what material/cargo? What capacity do you need? This transfer trolley is running on rails or ground (floor)? Your requirement for table size: length, width and height? How about the running distance? How many working hours in per day?