Residential Kitchen Restaurant Dumbwaiter Lift Mini Food Home Elevator

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These dumbwaiters lifts supplied by our company are widely applied to 
 restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals, diningrooms, libraries, kindergartens, factories, shopping malls, post offices and so on to deliver food, tableware, daily necessities, books, medicine and other items, which are with variety and complete specifications. The structural of the dumbwaiter lift is made of steel,  and each dumbwaiter has its own machine rooms. Usees don't need to design shaft with neither embedded support or special room,for it is simple, convenient and quick to use. It is the best choice for you to useour dumbwaiter lifts because 
 of the firm structure, stable and reliable operation. Design,manufacturing, installation of all kinds of our dumbwaiter lifts is in line with national standards In recent years,actively introducing international advanced technology and design 
 idea, integrating the excellent characteristics of domestic products, we successfully design and  manufacture the new generation of dumbwaiters lifts.

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Detailed Description
 The enduring of the product and the service of the facilities is very important
 for industry customer. with plentifulness experience, high profession sprit, we can help you design the best solution, increasing your operation efficiency.

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 Features of dumbwaiter
 Small space required. No excessive sturdy civil work is required. Perfect and economical designs can be provided not only to new constructions but also to old ones as well.
 Personalized design makes the operation more flexible
 Due to its light load feature, the elevators comprise two types, table type and floor type.
 The dumbwaiter of this series is safe, practical, elegant, quiet, flexible in operation and easy in maintenance. They come in multiple specifications in various standard series and customized design can be done according to the user's requirements

Production classification

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 1.  Professional manufacturer of various elevators escalator
 2.  15 years manufacturing experience, 10 years export experience
 3.  Free customized service
 4.  Complete pre-sale, sale, after-sales service support system
 5.  Projects in more than 30 Countries

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Our Service:
 1.  Provide Customized service.
 2.  Installation Professional installation video in English
 3.  Installation drawing and manual.
 4.  All the machines test before shipment
 5.  The total machine guarantee is 12 moths
 6.  24 Hours technical support, email, telephone or video online
 7.  User-friendly English manual for machine using and maintaining
 8.  Several sets wearing parts will be free for you