Food Service Elevator Dumbwaiter Lift, Freight Elevator for Restaurant

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Our products are installed in kitchens, offices, storehouses or other places for transferring food, cooking utensils, raw materials, office files etc. Our dumbwaiters for  kitchens are usually made of stainless steel, so they are not affected by steam, hot food, water, etc.
 Hospitals and departmental stores also need our products to carry stores to different levels in the building.
 Only about a small space is required in the building to fit our dumbwaiter.
 Only one wall is required to support the smaller ones. We offer both traction and hydraulic dumbwaiter elevators, giving our customers more options. Available in  varied types, sizes and other specifications, these dumbwaiters are subject to customization at the exact requirements from our clients.

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Detailed Description
 1、Nanjing Ram Machinery Co. Ltd's dumbwaiter elevator provides small freight elevators in various buildings with the prompt, economical and convenient vertical transport. It greatly saves time and labor resources. It is widely applicable for delivering food and drinks, dining ware, daily commodities etc. in the hotel, restaurant, bank, hospital and so on.
 2、Double section bars special slideway with unique design: The mid part runs through door slider connection. It reinforces the smooth elevator door opening/closing, reduces door clearance. It is convenient for installation and adjustment.
 3、Car design of Nanjing Ram Machinery Co. ltd's dumbwaiter  elevator appears modern and imposing. It is full of the rational and sensational aesthetics. What is more, the multiple  styles of the car materials are available for the customer's free selections. It maximumly satisfies the diverse and individual choices for the construction style and taste.

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  1、High standard quality and good  performance
   The mature and consummate technology from USA, well-known elevator elements, best raw material and perfect scientific management model contributes to the high quality of our passenger elevator.
  2、Competitive price
  The cost has been reduced greatly by automatic manufacturing model and assembly line which contributes to the competitive price of our passenger elevator. We introduced big equipment from USA, German, Japan and Italy, such as European Salvanini, German Wagner, German Trubend, robot automatic welding system and so on.
 3、Easy to be installed
   The baseboard of the traction machine has been welded with the traction machine supporting beam before leaving the factory. That means it is easier to install our passenger elevator than other companies and costs less.
 4、Comprehensive components supply system
  RAMHOIST elevator owns a very comprehensive components supply system for our passenger elevator which greatly improves efficiency and quality.
 5、Space and energy saving
  The machine room for our passenger elevator is just an extension of the hoistway and it is easy to construction and costs less. The intelligent control system which can greatly improve the operation efficiency of elevator is used. 
 6、Sensitive and accurate
  High speed digital signal processing system which is more sensitive and precise on the speed control of the motor is applied to our passenger elevator to reduce the elevator vibration and improve comfort.
 7、Professional  after-sell service
   Professional technical global client center provides 24 hours service to solve your problems and questions on elevator.

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  Efficient Work
 Driven by traction machine. Lift speed 0.4m/s saves time

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 Clean&Stable,                                     Easy Operation
 Made Of stainless steel,                   Each floor with
 not affected by steam,                      one calling landing. 
 hot food, water, etc.                           one calling landing. 



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 Our production line : 

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Our service

  1. Professional services: we provide professional advice from the quotation till elevator installation finish.

  2. High quality technology: we have professional R&D team and sales team.

  3. Competitive price: we have done the elevator for more than 20 years and we can give you competitive price.

  4. Good after-sale services: we provide fast and professional after-sale services when elevator installation and debugging.

      5. All dumbwaiter elevators have 12 months warranty.