Dumbwaiter Lift Kitchen Food Transferring Hand Operated Elevator

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 Door system adopts modular design, so the installation and change of parts are much easier. Door pully and ward off rope device are distinctive design that prevent the door rope fall off. Door ropes are all hided in the door rails, prevent the door  ropes from being bumped then the dumbwaiter is inspected or has emergency. Smooth surface of car door is toward the car inside, which ensures the car door can not scrape goods in the cabin when opening and closing. we have table type, floor type, two panels upside sliding, vertical bi-parting, and hinged doors for your choice.

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Detailed Description
 This model of lift is designed and produced on the special requirement of customers, on four aspects: carrying capacity, lifting height, dimension of table, and power supply. They have two mainly types according to different sites. One is to be sited on a special place to loading cargos and then lifting to a certain height to handle and move the cargos. The other type is sited in a lift pit and accessorial tracks. The table of lift is in the same level with the ground which is convenient to move the cargo onto it. In this way it also can be called freight elevator. This kind of lift is usually used in production lines with many different work levels, cargos moving between stairs, truck  material handling work and changeable height working table like operation table etc.
 1. Ex-factory accompanying cable plug in connection, alter groping test it can reduce the installation wining workload, also can reduce the occurrence of faults
 2. Calling board use stainless steel panel, digital floor display, open and close instructions is easy for operation
 3.The display signal adopts the communication structure, so the performance is stable
 4. Perfect fault detection system, it is more convenient to monitor the whole process of elevator operation

Detailed images

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  1. Firm and solid in framework, distinctive in structure. 

  2. Small, exquisite and strong 

  3. Strong technical guarantee of safe running: applying the industrial-level PLC computer control system. 

  4. Dual choice of window type and floor type: convenient for goods entry/exit in different occasions.

  5. Professional services: we provide professional advice from the quotation till elevator installation finish. 

  6. High quality technology: we have professional R&D team and sales team. 

  7. Competitive price: we have done the elevator for more than 20 years and we can give you competitive price. 

  8. Good after-sale services: we provide fast and professional after-sale services when elevator installation and debugging. 

  9. All dumbwaiter lifts have 18 months warranty.

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Packaging and Shipping 

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Safety protection device:

  1. Emergency Stop: The lifting and lowering process can be stopped immediately by pressing the emergency button.   

  2. Safety device: Safety Interlock: Lock the platform when it is out of control  

  3. Safety Sensor: The operation must be stopped immediately the safety edge meets obstacles during operation.   

  4. Emergency lowering: The platform can be lowered by opening hydraulic valve manually or rolling screw rod.  

  5. Auto-flap: Turn up after lifting 

  6. Non-skid plate on platform.


Our Service

  1. To build up an one-stop elevator parts E-market for overseas buyers.

  2. To help customers to source the cheapest but quality elevator parts.

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  4. To offer free consultance in regard to elevator technology and business.

  5. To develop and share market together with customers

  6. We have reliable forwarder helping arrange the shipment for you.

  7.  Supply 24-hours technical assistance by email, telephone or other communication online.