1000kg Capacity Hydraulic Hand Lift Manual Forklift Pallet Stacker

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 The hydraulic consists of three parts:
 The elevating cylinder and controlling parts, the elevating arm and chain-wheel parts, the gantry and back-wheel parts.
 The weights is lifted by hand pallet stacker through a manual or pedal  hydraulic mechanism, it loads weights with manual pull and push at a low position.
 There is oil-reflow valve in the hydraulic device.
 The descending speed is controlled by  the pedal, which ensures the hydraulic system act correctly and guarantee safety.

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Detailed Description
 Brand copper core motor
 1.Strong performance
 2.Copper core is durable
 3.Good heat dissipation
 Pulley group
 Anti-shedding is safe. Seven sets of pulleys are more labor-saving.
 Brand bearings performance smooth.

Forking forked
 reinforcement design
 Anti bending strengthening
 Reinforcement bolt
 Special bolts are more solid.
 Ensure stability
 Thickening crossbeam
 Production of C steel Good toughness and high strength.

Detailed images 

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