500 Kg 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 1.6m 2m 3 M Hydraulic Hand Lift Manual Stacker

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 The Hand Pallet Stacker (Manual Pallet Truck) is an ideal hand stacker for the occasional application of stackering and transporting palletised loads.
 Hand Pallet Stacker (Hand Pallet Truck) can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, military, paint, coal industry etc, and ports, railway, warehouses, explosive mixture containing the place such DuiMa.
 Drop speed can be fine-tuning. Hand Pallet Stacker (Narrow Pallet Truck) with a separate pump driven, overload protection.

 ♦ Special materials with scientific design.
 ♦Transport conveniently and operated easily.
 ♦ With the reliable quality, CTY hand stacker series is wildly applied for factory, works, warehouse,
 logistics industry, and other situations. Making less effort to be possible!

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Detailed Description
 Thick steel plates, steel tanks, etc.
 using high quality materials
 Rigorous operation,
 strict process
 Anti-rust treatment, delayed service life
 Antioxidant, prolong
 service life

Detailed images 

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 1. Strong load-bearing capacity, No noise
 2. Safety stopper Auto-stop in the end
 3. Pure copper motor with strong power
 4. Handle adjustable switch, More safety
 5. Nylon wheels are very wear-resistant
 6. High quality raw materials, Refuse to cut corners
 7. Safety net, Higher safety factor
 8. Flexible design with four pulleys

Packaging & Shipping

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 Our service
 1. When you give us your order, we confirm the quantity, date of delivery and the information of forwarder.
 2. We give you a definite date of delivery.
 3. We guarantee that the commodity is in conformity  to all respects with the quality.
 4. After you received our goods, we will send you the Client Service Table.