High Effiency 1.5 Ton Hand Forklift Stacker Self Loading Pallet Stacker

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  1. Power stacker forklift trucks are widely used, easy operation. High efficiency, durability, long life.

  2. The whole cast cylinder seal appearance, durable, effectively prevent leakage.

  3. Comfortable plastic bags handles energy, and convenient.

  4. High quality steel, and surface electrostatic or injection.

     5. Nylon and iron wheels, adopt to different place

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Detailed Description
 Simple and Easy Operation
 1) Lifting movement via collapsible foot pedal
 2) Sensitive lowering through sinking valve
 3) Hand push drive
 4) Overload protection via pressure valve
 Safe Operation and secure Working Conditions
 Stable chassis with 2 frame rollers and 2 steering rollers
 Long Service Lift
 1) Robust construction
 2) Hard chromium plated frame
 3) Hardened chromium plated ram
 4) Effortless Movement
 5) Ball bearing rollers
 6) Polyurethane rollers


Detailed images 
 Select high quality steel to ensure quality.

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 Forging process, one - time forming,

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 Ergonomic design, easy and effortless.

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 Strengthen the chain to ensure safe handling.

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 Static nylon wheel, load bearing and wear - resistant.

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 Protective Net
 High strength to protect operation safety.

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 1.Used in press shops for loading & unloading of heavy die punches;
 2.Used in plastic & rubber industries for loading of moulds;
 3.Used in stores for stacking of materials, trays, boxes;
 4.Used in transport godowns warehouses for material;
 5.Loading & unloading in trucks;
 6.Handling Heavy jobs in CNC, VMC, Lathe Shop;


 1. Reasonable structure ensures a light and flexible operating;
 2. Frame is made of high quality cold drawn seamless steel tube;
 3. Optional platform available.
 4. No-marking castor as standard.
 5. Fork Stacker Conforms to 1757-1. 
 6. Easier and faster lifting operation.

Packaging & Shipping

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