1ton Hydraulic Hand Manual Pallet Stacker with Single Mast

Keyword:Hand Pallet Stackers   Time:2019-4-26 19:13:27

 1.Wide operating space.
 2.Large angle adjusting steering column according to driver's needs.
 3.Two motors drive, higher maneuverability.
 4.The design of joystick position is more ergonomic to reduce the driver's fatigue.
 5.Reasonable arrangement of the instrument makes the driver observe the operation clearly.

Detailed Description& images 

 Artificial design, comfort and safe.

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Spray paint
 No odor, extending the service life

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 Rugged material, safe and reliable

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 Standard configuration, stable performance

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Packaging & Shipping

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 1.C-type steel is used on the mast
 2.Adjustable fork isopted
 3.Frame design strong capacity is strong
 4.Steady lifting falling, speed can be controlled
 5.The whole series are equipped with stretched safety grid and wheel carrier protection device
 6.We have advanced equipment, we innovate the products usually.
 7. We can customize products according to customs' specific requirements.
 8. We have advantages of quick delivery, factory price & 24/7 service to our customs.