Hand Pallet Stacker/Hand Operated Forklift with Foot Pedal

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 Description of hand pallet stackers

 1.High quality hydraulic pump station and seal ring
 2.Single mast, with the brake
 3.C-type steel is used on the mast
 4.Steady lifting falling, speed can be control
 You can customize the product about the specifications such as it's fork, the load  capacity, etc. So please feel free to contact us for any question.

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Detailed Description
 Plastic bags prevent slippery
 Beautiful and effort

Pallet fork
 German technology
 high-quality steel

Rubber wheel
 buffer mute
 Guaranteed service life

Extended foot
 Make it easier to pedal

 It's safer to reinforce the chain


Detailed images of hand pallet stackers

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Advantages of hand pallet stackers

 1.Compact-designed hand stacker, fine craftsmanship, beautiful appearance.
 2.Equip with traction battery, long-lasting.
 3.C-type steel is used on the mast, Adjustable fork is opted
 4.Frame design strong capacity is strong, Steady lifting falling, speed can be control
 5.The whole series are equipped with stretched safety grid and wheel carrier protection device


Packaging & Shipping
 We are a professional and experienced leading machinery company in China, we have Manual handling forklift series, Manual stacker series, electric forklift series, lift platform series to sell. All those products are promised of high quality & high QC. Besides, they can be customized as your request .

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