Welded Link Grade 80 Bridle Container Lifting Chain Slings

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Chain Sling Grade 80 Sling Type Adjustable Link Attachment Type Control Plate and (2) Sling Hooks Material  Alloy Steel Working Load Limit 7100 lb Single 12300 lb Double Single Capacity 7100 lb. Double Capacity @ 60 Degrees 12 300 lbs. Chain Size 3/8 In. Overall  Reach 10 ft. Length 10 ft. Dimension A 3-3/16 In. Dimension B 3-1/8 In. Dimension C 1-1/4 In. Color Black Red Finish Painted Standards NACM G80 Includes Red Hooks Red 

Textile Sling Rigging Set includes the master link, connecting shackle, textile sling and end fitting. According to different lifting ways, we supply 1-leg, 2-leg, 3-leg, and 4-leg slings.
 l We have master link, round link and assembly link available for main link. 
 l Connecting link includes bow shackle, connecting link.
 l Textile sling includes webbing sling and round sling.
 l End fitting includes hook and others.
 l The sling set can be assembled according to customer’s requirement. Please notice the relation between angle and tonnage.
 l Safety factor is 4:1, high safety factor is available upon request.

One leg lifting chain sling  is made of Metal link, according to its shape, they are divided into two  kinds: welding and assembly. According to its structure, they are divided into single leg chain sling, double legs chain sling and so on, the material is superior alloy steel.
 The outstanding character is wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, low ductility, will not extend when stressed, long service life, easy to bend, be suitable for large occasions where frequently use.
 With the character flexible and many links, a variety of combination form can improve work efficiency, reduce cost, etc.

When doing hoist works and crane works, have you ever failed to hook the objects just before lifting them?
In that case, please use our products.

By pulling the chain with your hands, the length can be changed easily.

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The length of the red painted  portion of the chain extends by up to 180mm when pulled.

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As it is pulled by springs, when it is released it will return to the original position.

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As the hook is pulled by springs, it does not come off. That means you can work easily and safely. 

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We design lifting angles of up to  60 degrees.
 Please instruct us of the chain length used between 300mm and 1200mm. 

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This pre-tension sling is according to the four-point lift specifications.
 When using a chain sling with four-point lifts from other companies, have you ever felt that it is difficult to use  them?
 When having to lift a poorly balanced article or when the article is almost at the safe working load limit, this pre-tension sling can disperse the load.
 The mechanism is the same as the two-point lifts.

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Selecting the Correct Sling
 Chain slings are available in a range of material grades, sizes and assemblies. Select the slings to be used and plan the lift taking the following into account:
 Type of sling to be used  - endless, single, two, three or four leg.
 Capacity - the sling must be both long enough and strong enough for the load and the slinging method.
 Apply the mode factor for the slinging method. 
 If adjustment of the leg length is necessary select a sling with chain shortening clutches.
 For use at temperatures exceeding 200°C or below minus 40°C refer to the suppliers instructions.
 Where slings may come into contact with chemicals, particularly acids or acidic fumes, consult the supplier.
 In the case of multi-leg  slings the angle between the legs should not be less than 30° or exceed the maximum marked.
 Multi-leg slings exert a gripping force on  the load which increases as the angle between the legs increases and this must be taken into account.

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Storing and Handling Chain Slings
 Never return damaged or contaminated slings to storage. They should be dry, clean and protected from corrosion.
 Store chain slings on a rack and not lying on the ground. The storage area should be dry, clean and free of any contaminates which may harm the sling. Do not alter, modify or repair a chain sling but refer such matters to a Competent Person. Never galvanise or subject a chain sling to any other plating process without the express approval of the supplier.

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  Using Chain Slings Safely
 Do not attempt lifting operations unless you understand the use of the equipment, the slinging procedures and the mode factors to be applied.
 Do not use defective slings or accessories.
 Do not force, hammer or wedge chain slings or fittings into position; they must fit freely. Check the correct engagement of fittings and appliances.
 Position hooks of multi-leg slings facing outward from the load.
 Do not lift on the point of the hook and ensure that the chain is not twisted or knotted.
 Back hook free legs to the master link to avoid lashing legs which might accidentally become engaged or otherwise become a hazard.
 Take the load steadily and avoid shock loads.
 Do not leave suspended loads unattended. In an emergency cordon off the area.

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