Construction Steel Aluminum Alloy Scaffold Swivel Clamp Coupler

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  • For 48-51mm diameter tubes

  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction which is superior corrosion resistant

  • Type: Traverse accessories

  • Convenient to operate and strong in terms of supports

  • Rust resistant zinc plated finish

  • 360º Wrap Around Style

  • With wide range of applications

  • Compact size and dimensional accuracy

 Aluminum Swivel Couplers are components usually used to connect two parts, enabling the scaffolding tubes been connected at any angle, in order to facilitate the process of work, can also provide more support to pipes and other accessories--minimizing the risk of bending of vertical parts.

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Aluminum Swivel Couplers have wide  wing nuts making the clamping to pipes or tubes more comfortably with hands or tools.

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Aluminum Swivel Couplers that are fabricated from high tensile aluminum can be rotated 360 degree safely and effectively. They can also be called Aluminum Truss Double-clamps, Fixed Coupler, Swivel Scaffold Coupler, Swivel Coupler Dual Swivel Clamp.
In terms of anti-slip performance, it has a stable improvement to avoid the occurrence of slip and accidents. In addition, it has a strong overall bearing capacity, good anti-deformation ability and can be used repeatedly.

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 Product name

Aluminum Swivel Couplers



Coupler type


Finish type

Electric Galvanised








4 mm and 5 mm

Std. Packing

25 Pcs/Bag, 1000 Pcs/Pallet

Minimum order Quantity

100 Piece







Structure image:

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 They are used in a wide array of applications, for example, used in construction, furniture, bathing facilities, cars, tractors, trucks, locomotives, ships, oil pipes, chemical parts, and thus are in great demand.

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