55 Gallon Drum Lifting Clamp/Forklift Drum Lifter/Vertical Oil Drum Clamp/Drum Tong

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Production description:
Two pieces of clamps are used for the testing, but 2 pieces or 4 pieces are recommended for lifting operation, balance beam is needed for big sized steel plate. With lock spring during the clamp non-work condition, locking device going in nature step-up, put the object in the clamp, the strength becomes the proportion enhancement. The loaded object shall not touch anything when operating, over loading is prohibited.

Turning / reversal lifting clamp is used for lifting and overturning steel plate

From a mechanics point of view, these clamps have ideal designs, which are compact, lightweight and easy to use.

The main turning lifting clamp body and parts are made from die-forged special alloy steels, which are optimally tempered for max strength and durability.

The working load limit is applied in one piece, during lifting, single turning lifting clamp can be used for horizontal lifting and transportation.

1.  Drum lifting clamp is used for the vertical hoist of the oil barrels.
2.  Load range:0-0.6tons.
3.  Material: low carbon and high quality steel alloy.
4.  Loading test has been made based on one clamp, and one or two pieces are recommended for lifting operation.
5.  Crashing the cargo in the working is also forbidden.
6.  Test loading is 2 times of the maximum loading, and breaking load is four times of the maximum loading.

Can be made according to customers' design and requirement.

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 1. Application: For lifting and transport oil drum.

 2. Material: Low carbon steel alloy.

 3. Loading range: 0 to 0.6 ton.

 4. One piece of clamp is used for the testing, and one piece is recommended for lifting operation.

 5. The loaded object shall not touch anything when operating, over loading is prohibited.

 6. Testing load is 2 times of working load.

 7. Durable enduring, easy operation.

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