New Design Endless Soft Flat Polyester Webbing Sling

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Endless webbing slings

Production Description:
 Webbing sling is made of high tension industrial Yarn(100%PES), the strands inside are  as a form endless cycle. The outside sleeve is also made of 100% PES, not for the loading, but to protect the strands inside. Webbing slings are the ideal solution for the safe lifting of loads, whether this is to be at your works, for loading and unloading or for using at a building site. The round slings will protect items being lifted. If the sling is damaged badly, the outside sleeve is breakage, and the inside strands will go out, so the sling can not be used any more. Their sturdy core and a covering layer will guarantee a long Serviceable life, even when in continuous use. Webbing Slings are also repairable. 

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  • Can be single ply or double ply, sewing method is different.

  • The specification can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements.

  • Loading surface is wide, to reduce the weight at each loading point.

  • No damages to tender objects.

  • Various loading method.

  • High strength/weight ratio.

  • Anti-abrasion and anti-incision protection sleeve can be attached.

  • Has special label, working load is differentiated by colors according to international standard. Easy to identify even if the sling has been abraded.

  • Light and soft, can be used in small narrow space.

  • In PU processing, anti-abrasion is enhanced.

  • Non-conductive, no danger of electric stroke.

  • Good Quality Green Lifting Webbing Sling Belt Type

  • The size can follow the customer's requirements.

  • The product can be divided into single layer and multi-layer, and can sew in many ways.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Easy to carry and soft in texture.

  • The product has experienced PU surface hardening treatment, which enhance the wear resistance.

  • Wide bearing surface, which can reduce the pressure of surface load.

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