Rigging hardware Lashing Lever Chain Load Binder with Hook

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Lashing Lever Load Binder

Quick Details
 Model Number: Lashing Lever Load Binder
 Material: Forged steel, carbon steel, alloy steel
 Size: 1/4" ~ 4-1/2", 9--13mm
 Surface: Color-painted, galvanized , color painted, plastic spraying, red painted
 Product name: Lashing Lever Load Binder, New Type Spring Load Binder with Grab Hooks of forged steel
 Process: Drop forged
 Type: Lashing Lever Load Binder
 Application: Lifting Fittings, for lashing, Equipment
 Color: Red, Silver
 Packing: Carton, wooden box
 keywords: load binder lashing lever
 Low MOQ: 1 ton
 Sample: Free
 Business type: Factory
 Model Number: 9, 11, 13,13mm to 16mm
 MOQ: we can provide you how many you want, however the more the cheaper
 Surface: Smooth
 Technology: cast, forged
 Chain Size: 8 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm
 Fitting: Grab hooks, sling hooks, shackles etc
 Type: Adjustable
 Packing: Crate, pallet, etc, as per the buyers' requirement

Supply Ability
150 Ton/Tons per Month
Packaging Details
 crate, pallet, etc, 
 as per the buyers' requirement
 Any port of the world

 • Designed for quick and secure loading 
 • Can accommodate up to Hi Test Chain, Transport Chain Grade 70 chain, Alloy Chain Grade 80, or Grade 100 chain tie downs.
 • Meets all CVSA and DOT requirements 


Binders are ideal load control devices for a variety of trucks,  trailers, campers and cargo ships. Heavy-duty binders are used to fasten heavy  equipment and other specialized heavy cargo that needs to be tied down securely. There are many kinds of binders to choose from and it essential that you choose the right load binder for the job at hand.


How Do I Choose a Lever Binder/Ratchet Binder?
When ordering lever binders or ratchet binders you will find that each size is determined with two measurements. There are two main grades of chain for tie-down applications, Grade 43 high test chain is used for stationary, non-transport tie downs and Grade 70 transport chain is for objects being transported on a flatbed or other moving vehicle. Each binder can be used with either size of equipment chain for the appropriate application, but since the different grades have different load limits each binder will be marked with the appropriate chain dimensions for both types of chain for proper performance. The first measurement (smaller) identifies the Grade 70 chain dimension, the second measurement (larger) identifies the Grade 43 chain size required.
 Example: 5/16" -  3/8" Lever Binders; the 5/16" specifies the chain binder can be used with 5/16" Grade 70 Transport Chain or it can be used with 3/8" Grade 43 High Test Chain (logging chain.) Small load binders can technically be used for both 5/16" or 3/8" chain in either grade, but if you pair this lever binder with 3/8" Grade 70 transport chain the binder will be weaker than the chain, making the binder the weakest part of the assembly. If you are working with 3/8" Grade 70 chain, the best option would be to pair it with a 3/8" - 1/2" Chain Binder so that the chain and binder are of equal strength. When choosing what grades of chain will go with what binders, be sure to consider both specifications.

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