Us Type Red Painted Ratchet Spring Load Binder

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Spring load binder

Model Number: Spring Load Binder
 Material: Carbon Steel, Iron
 Surface: Power Coating, Hot Dip Galvanized, Zinc Plated, Painted Coating
 Technology: Forging, Quenched&Tempered, Chain Size: 1/4inch--5/8inch,  5/16"~3/8"
 Quality: A
 Package: bag, carton, pallet or as customized
 Other: Customized
 Application: Fastening System, Connecting, Security, Cargo Control
 Color: Red/Customized
 Weight: 6.4kg, 12.30Ibs
 Maximum Load: 16.3T, 5400Ibs, 9200LBS
 MOQ: 100pcs
 Size: 1/4-5/16"
 Process: Forging
 Color: Red Painted
 Other: Customized
 Handle Length: 15.43"
 Technology: Forging, Quenched&Tempered
 Lead Time: 7-30 days or according to required quantity
 Breaking Strength: 18400LBS

 Supply Ability: 500 Piece/Pieces per Day
 Packaging Details: Carton with Pallet
 Lead Time:15-45days

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  • Safety, reliable design for easy operation

  • No requirement for locking handle than lever type load binder

  • High quality drop forged construction

  • Heat treated for extra strength

  • Short reach hooks provide optimum take-up

  • Each binder individually proof tested

Fitting for chain
 -High quality forged steel.
 -Spring cushion for load protection, cushions shock and sway.
 -Binder toggles away from the load.
 -Each binder individually proof tested.
 Spring Type Load Binder 

Load Binder is also known as chain binder, chain tensioners, normally used with grade 70

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binder chains, it's main function is to tighten the steel chains around the loads. Load binders have 2 different flavors, ratchet binder and lever binders, with ratchet chain binder you can ratcheting the binder to tighten things up and lock binders in place, while with lever chain binder you can only tighten the chains with fixed length, and you need something else to lock the lever binder.

And there is something special with chain binders, usually a chain binder can be used with two different grades of chains, for instance, 5/16''-3/8'' chain binders can be used with grade 70 5/16'' binder chains and 3/8'' grade 43 steel  chains, 3/8''-1/2'' means 3/8'' grade 70 chain and 1/2'' grade 43 chains, you get the idea. Since chain binders are manual tools, and the working load is controlled by hand operating, be careful don't overload the chain binders, use them within the rated working load limit.


 5/16'' ~ 1/2''


 5400 lbs ~ 9200 lbs


 Spaying Paint, Spraying Plastics, Galvanized


 45# Carbon Steel


 Spring Type Load Binder


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