12m aluminum hydraulic lift platform double column

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1.Hydraulic Lifting Platform                                                

The manually propelled Hydraulic lifting can do many jobs such as, steel structural warehouse construction, building maintenances, lamp repairing, Street Lighting Repair, Painting, Construction etc.
  During the operation, the four extendable outriggers at each corner will provide additional stability.
  We offer many different power sources for our Hydraumatic lifting, including but not limited to 220v single phase, 380v three phase, 110v single phase, or even a 24V DC battery powered model, also can be customized as your requirement.


 1.  Electrical system: National
 2.  Hydraulic system: National or importing from Italy.
 3.  Scissor part is made of high-strength manganese steel.
 4.  Color: Chassis and Scissors are blue, Work platform and Guardrail are orange. 

 1.  Owning point control system. Controlling platform up and down in two-way.
 2.  Manual moving, two universal wheels. Make moving convenience.
 3.  After short blasting, Painting both bottom and surface
 4.  Guard rails of working platform are removable.

 1.  Control voltage is DC24V. for person safe.
 2.  Electrical control box is water-proof design.
 3.  Installing Emergency button, can keep working person safe.
 4.  Self-locking function will work when electricity is suddenly cut off.
 5.  System have Emergency drop valve, which can let platform down safely. When electricity is suddenly cut off.
 6.  Four telescopic supporting legs in bottom which can keep machine stable.

 Ø  It is forbidden to use overload.
 Ø  Pay attention to the maintenance of lifting joints with lubricating oil.
 Ø  You need to open the four-legged legs to lift.
 Ø  Do not move when lifting

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