6m electric hydraulic double column aluminum alloy mast lift platform/double post aluminum lift for aerial work

Keyword:Double column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-3 16:29:01

 Aluminum alloy hydraulic lift table: it is a new-era product through brand-new design, adopts new aluminum molding material. The lift table has tiny swing, because of high-strength molding material. Handy and light appearance makes it freely exert maximum lifting ability in limited room. As a result, this product makes it easy to carry out high-altitude working by one person. The power sources could be 220V/380V or chargeable battery.

Major Features
 1.This lift is working height: 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m, 14m, 16m, 18m, 20m; can be controlled on the table or on the ground by remoter control.
 2.The lift platform, high-duty aluminum alloy structure is suitable for aloft work. It is equipped with security rope and safety protection devices .Even if working at the 30 meter high, it's very safe and reliable. Our wheels can be moved easily.
 3.It can be in and out of the elevators conveniently when equipped with belt control switch or remote control switch systems.
 4.This kind of platforms has 2 types, one is equipped with single ladder and the other has double ladders on both sides. The biggest lifting height is 30 meters, the lifting capacity ranges from 100kg to 200kg.

1. Good service
 We assure you reply the email within 24 hours.
 We assure you 12 mouth quality warranty time.
 During the warranty period we guarantee to supply free replacement parts to any defective of our product
2. Keeping innovations
 We welcome every recommendation and opinion from you and make progress together with you.
 We can design a new Aluminum alloy hydraulic lift table as your requirements, until to your satisfaction.

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