Double Column Mobile Hydraulic Aluminium Alloy Lift Platform

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 Double column aluminum alloy vertical lift platform uses high strength aluminum section bar to produced, power though hydraulic pump to drive the chain, the design is reasonable. Featured by it's beautiful  appearance, small volume, light self-weight, good stability, and flexible operation. 
 1.Lift or fall steadily: The seamless transmission is used between the lifting masts, thus minimizing the amount of sway after lifting.
 2.Safe and reliable: The four turning stabilizers of the unit connected to the four corners of the chassis support the MEWP duringwork. 
 They are designed for leveling regulation and preventing inclination. They are composed of stand bars and turning legs. 
 The stand bars are installed in the turning legs. 
 Extending out the turning legs before operating the unit enlarges the area of supporting. Therefore, the steadiness of the whole platform is guaranteed.
 3.Convenient: The whole work platform is light because the lifting masts are made of alloy aluminum. 
 The structure is compact and the volume is small, so only one person can move the equipment and carry it through a very narrow passage.

Main Features
 1)  Convenient push button activation.
 2)  First-class hydraulic technology increase the efficiency and the safety of the loading/discharging jobs. 
 3)  It is characterized by its beautiful design, small volume, light weight, balanced elevation.
 4)  Explosion valve adjust the pressure 
 5)  Emergency system: it can go down once an emergency occur


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 Machine Parts
 Name: driving motor 
 Brand: changshi 
 Original: China
 Domestic famous brand, with it the aluminum lift can move forward, move backward, turn left, turn right freely, easily to move by manual 

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 Main Features
 Name: Electrical parts 
 Brand: Delixi 
 Original: China
 Domestic famous electrical manufacturer, good quality and high-quality

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 Machine Parts
 Name: Caster
 Brand:  Changshi 
 Original: China
 Domestic famous brand, durable

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 Main Features
 Name: Aluminum material
 Brand: Domestic famous brand
 Original: China
 Domestic famous brand

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