Single column double column aluminum alloy lifting platform hydraulic lift aerial work platform

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Two mast aluminum lift platform 
 Product Description
  This lift offers a safe, quick and easy method of reaching overhead areas. Mostly designed to lift one-two person, these platforms are extremely compact, lightweight and easy to maneuver.
 The vertical personnel lift consists of a working platform attached to an aluminum mast that extends vertically, which in turn is mounted on a steel base. These personnel lifts has a reach of up to 16m and capacities up to 200kg. Quality aluminum alloy material are widely used in star hotels, supermarkets and other industries hall, aerial work inside the plant, with a lift balance, easy to operate, can enter the general hall, free access to the elevator and low power consumption, no pollution, not to hurt the work surface.


  • You can control the lift both on the platform and ground, just need press stop button, it can stop at any point if you need.

  • Personnel Lifts are available in various AC and DC powered models.

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