Factory Price Single / Double Mast Aluminum alloy Lifter Four Column Lift Platform

Keyword:Double column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-3 16:47:37

Some Main Specification about the Aluminum Lift
 (1) Lifting height: 4-18m;
 (2) High strength quality aluminum alloy;
 (3) Mobile man lift;
 (4) Loading capacity: 125-250Kg;
 (5) Suitable for 1 or 2 persons;
 (6) Easy move and operation;
 (7) Power supply for electric, manual battery, remote control is standard.
  Product features of hydraulic lift table:
 1)  Reasonable structure
 2)  Favorable performance
 3)  Smooth starting and stopping
 4)  Safe and reliable traveling
 5)   Low noise, commodious cabin and good view hydraulic lift table
 6)   Convenient maintenance, excellent exchangeability for parts and components
 7)   Energy saving, reduce energy consumption hydraulic lift table
 8)   Using transducer for travelling or traversing crane to realize step speed or stepless speed change
 9)   Primer and finishing paint hydraulic lift table
10)  Crane structure: steel box type hydraulic lift table 
Safety features of hydraulic lift table:
 1)    Reasonable structure
 2)    Top quality long time bearing polyurethane materials buffer
 3)    Crane travelling and cross limit switch
 4)    Voltage lower protection function, reduce energy consumption
 5)     Main lifting motor with thermal protection
 6)     Hooks with latch hydraulic lift table
 7)     Rubber buffers hydraulic lift table
 8)     Protective earthing hydraulic lift table
 9)     Sub-assembly characteristic are tested before assembly hydraulic lift table
10)    Emergency stop system, current over-load protection system, Excellent exchangeability for parts and components
Control of hydraulic lift table:
 1)     Manual control and electric control hydraulic lift table
 2)     Electric control: There are two control systems (optional). One is hand button, which may be placed in any position on the table rail for the convenience of operation. The other is fixed on the electric-control box, which is supported with emergency stop button for prevention of any accident.