Economic hot sale double column aluminium alloy lift platform

Keyword:Double column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-3 16:50:19

 1.It is the best and safest partner in maintaining machines and tools, painting and decoration, changing lights, electric appliances and cleaning.
 2.It can be operated up and down.
 3.It is equipped with security rope and safety protection devices.
 4.It can be in and out of the elevators conveniently when equipped with belt control switch or remote control switch systems.
 5.Compact structure, small size, can enter narrow and small area.

12m double column aluminum alloy lift platform
 Aluminum alloy lift platform uses high-strength and quality aluminum alloy materials.

 It is characterized by its beautiful design, small volume, light weight, balanced  elevation, safety and reliability. In addition, it can be operated up and down.

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