6m single column aluminum alloy person elevator / aerial man lift platform

Keyword:Single column aluminum alloy lift platform   Time:2019-5-4 23:46:21

Product Description 

  Aluminum-Alloy-Mast Lifts (aluminum alloy person elevators / aerial man lift platform) are made up of high grade aluminum profile. Mainly used for the installation and maintenance of narrow spaces, such as star hotels, modern workshops, business hall, hotels, lobby, restaurant, railway stations, exhibition hall and shopping malls.
 The lifting height ranges from 4m to 10m and lifting capacity is 100kg. The power sources could be 110V,  220V, 380V or chargeable battery. Control panels are available both on the lift platforms and the ground.


 1.Powered by a plugged power point
 2.No noise and air pollution
 3.Indoor Usage
 4.Longer usage time
 5.Battery operated, can be use outdoor
 6.Use for workspace constraints

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Single column aluminum alloy lift platform4-4.jpg

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