Aluminum mast Lift platform lowered - 8m single- columned for aerial work/lift platform /hydraulic manlift

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Product Description of Single column aluminum alloy lift platform

 Quality aluminum alloy material, widely used in star hotels, supermarkets and other industries hall, aerial work inside the plant, with a lift balance, easy to operate, can enter the general hall, free access to the elevator and low power consumption, no pollution, not to hurt the work surface.

 1. Single climbing operations
 2. The maximum platform height Specifications: Optional 4m, 6m, 8m, 10m
 3. Power supply: Default: single-phase AC mains (220V)
 4. Optional: Supplying DC battery electric dual manual-type hand
 5. The need to be made explosion-altitude platform, suitable for oil and natural gas explosion-proof requirements occasions climbing operation.

  Main structure
 1. Most rigid aluminum alloy profile
 2. Auxiliary platform lowering
 3. Multiple-guide pulley on mast
 4. Durable base system
 5. Chassis with level gauge
 6. DC working power on the platform
 7. Easily rolls through a narrow space
 8. Emergency stop button
 9. Over-load protection
 10. Built-in pressure release valve
 11. Dual activated up/down switch
 12. Locking Key Switch
 13. Optional extended platform
 14. Entry ladder

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Detailed Images of Single column aluminum alloy lift platform

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 Machine Parts
 Name: Motor
 Original: China
 Power :0.8kw,1.1kw,1.5kw,2.0kw,2.2kw
 We choose high quality motors to ensure long term use of 8m Single Column Aluminum Mast Lift Platform for Hydraulic Aerial Work Lift Platform.

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 Main Features
 Name: Dust protection Shell
 Brand: Balance
 Original: China
 Original: Germany 
 Motor and Battery are protected in the shell (As picture), we make a ventilation hole at one side, which help motor to abstract heat. There is a charging hole beside the ventilation hole. You can charge power simply.

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 Machine Parts
 Name: Wire protection tube
 Brand: FESTO 
 Brand: Balance
 Original: China
 The wires on the lift are protected by tube, to prevent leakage because of wire aging or scratch.

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 Main Features
 Name: Supporting Foot Pad
 Brand: Balance
 Original: China
 All supporting foot are equipped with rubber pad, which is more stable and also can protect your floor. No worry to scraping floor again

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