Single Column Telescoping Aluminum Alloy Lifting Platform

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Electric single column mobile aluminum vertical mast lift indoor man lift
 Equipped with overload safety protection device
 Equipped with safeguard valve to avoid hydraulic pipe rupture
 It installs the emergency manual hydraulic valve to cope with power cut.
 It also can add stretch platform to extend to the desired place when the platform length isn't enough.
 Double chains greatly improve the safety factor.
 Adopt emergency stop button multiple safety protection measures.
 The translatable supporting legs can ensure working dead zone minimization. Tailor-made guide wheel device equipped on the mast makes lifting smooth and stable.
 Important features
 1.  Aluminum mast structure, lifting smooth, moving light.
 2.  Up and down the platform can control the lift, with emergency stop button.
 3.  Leakage protection, thermal protection, emergency travel protection.
 4.  Power failure self-locking, emergency drop, cylinder crack prevention device.
 Single mast lift features
 1.  Compact structure for access to narrower passageways and elevators.
 2.  The main lifting mast is made of high strength aluminum alloy extruded profiles  with high safety and light weight.
 3.  Self-developed  integral built-in sliders are used between masts to minimize dynamic clearance  between masts.
 4.  Running more stable, reliable, far superior to the ordinary independent guide  wheel support structure.
 Collection type
 1.Operation is extremely simple and convenient.
 2.Hydraulic power unit with integral pump station, compact structure, reliable performance;  hydraulic system set emergency drop function.
 3.Power outages and accidents, and emergency operation is simple.
 4.Equipment control voltage is DC 24V, effectively ensure personal safety; equipment with  leakage protection switch, emergency stop switch, limit electrical limit switch, button box are waterproof design.

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Aluminum lift detail:  
 Structure material: high strength high quality aluminum alloy custom profiles
 The main structure: two three or four pillar type balance high stability Suitable for people
 Drive chain: double plate chain
 Stage face plate: 3 mm plate Q235 material produced in Shanghai
 To protect the bar: 1100 mm can put type folding Q235 material produced in Shanghai
 Pump station: one-piece sheng hydraulic pump station sino-italian joint venture force
 External power supply: 220 v/AC
 Pump power: sino-italian joint venture dedicated hydraulic pump station
 Control mode: control box control mesa drive-by-wire control of remote control (optional) security control voltage 24 v
 Oil cylinder: fine grinding hydraulic oil cylinder
 Hydraulic tubing: high pressure double rubber hose steel net
 Liquid pressure oil: 32, anti-wear hydraulic oil
 Tight seal ring, sealing ring imported from Japan
 The ability to resist the wind: "level 5
 Control System
 1)Electric control:  A.manual button box, which may be placed on the  platform for the convenience of operation. 
                               B.electric control box, which is supported with emergency stop button for prevention of any accident. 
 2)Manual control: It can install manual lowering valve, in case of power cut  off suddenly.

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