10m mobile hydraulic electronic single column aluminum alloy lifting platform

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Product Overviews of Single column aluminum alloy lift platform

   1.CE certificated.
   2.Stable lifting and lowering
   3.Safe and reliable with leveling stabilizer 
   4.Easy move and operation

Aluminum mast Lift platform lowered - single- columned for aerial work has the following specification:
 This platform has the following features:
 1.  Ergonomic control panel and easy for users to control the platform.
 2.  Hydraulic and electrical system with an Emergency lowering device enables you to lower the platform slowly to its ground position when power is unexpected  fail.
 3.  In stabilizers equipped Aerial Work Platform, patented double protection outriggers eliminate the clearance between the stabilizer and chassis so as to avoid the equipment fluctuating.
 4.  High-strength aluminum alloy are used for all lifting mast, the unit is light, easy and convenient to move.
 5.  Compact design makes it easy in passing through narrow and lower passages; it can enter standard elevators in office buildings.
 Aerial work platforms suitable for persons to do aerial work such as cleaning windows and ceilings and some maintains work.

Aluminum alloy lifting platform has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, balance lifting, safe and reliable, and is widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, airport, cinema, exhibition halls and  other places. Multi column aluminum alloy lifting platform bearing ability, suitable for two people can carry the weight of the tools and materials and climbing operations. It also can be used according to the different environment, customized into a variety of non-standard products, to meet the different needs; security best partner maintenance tool, paint decoration, replacement  lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance, etc. 

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