Single column aluminum alloy person elevator aerial work man lift platform price

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 Single-column aluminum alloy lift
 The aluminum alloy elevator adopts high-strength high-quality aluminum alloy material, which has beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, flexible operation and convenient implementation. The advantages of smooth lifting, safety and reliability. Its light appearance allows it to perform at its highest lift capacity in a very small space. Widely used in factories, hotels, restaurants, stations, theaters, exhibition halls and other places, it is the best safety partner for maintenance of machinery, paint decoration, replacement lamps, electrical appliances, cleaning and maintenance.
Single Mast Aerial Work Platform
•Application:for single passager
•Features: small footprint, less weight, easily moved, able to access to limited passageway, the most ideal equipment for aerial work to replace ladder or rigger, with high efficiency and more security
 Leveling of platform is guaranteed by adjusting outrigger with screws
 2. Electric limit switch shall cut off power when up limit is reached
 3. Ground/platform control modes are available, rendering possibility of one operator
 4. Stroke protection block is built in hydraulic cylinder for security
 5. Emergency lowering system is equipped
 6. Antiskid staircase is provided
 7. Leveling indictor is equipped

Optional Configuration

Power supply: Battery Dc with charger, suitable for outdoor operation

Move mode: Electric moving device is equipped in case of long distance travel

Could be built in carriage of truck

Trailer base could be provided in case of outdoor operation


1. Explosion-proof valve for oil tube

2. Insulated platform

3. Explosion-proof electrical system

4. Overload alarm

5. Outrigger limit switch

6. Tilt alarm

7. AC power to platform

8. Working alarm

9. Rubber dust stop