Good balance single ladder anti-rotating hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift

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Product Description of single ladder anti-rotating hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift

1. Functions of positioning upward & outward and crossing

  Functions of positioning upward&outward and crossing -- The articulating boom machine offers multi-faceted functions of positioning upward, outward and crossing, so that you can reach whatever place you want to go through various ways.

2. Complete safety devices

 Standard configuration include four-link weighing devices, overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height (automatic amplitude limiter), automatic control of the movement speed of the boom and traveling speed, and high-precision load sensor,to ensure the safety and stability of operation in all directions.

3. Compact structure

 The structures with size lower than 16m and electric motor type are compact, which make boom go through small opening and operate in small space.

4. Control full protection

  Control system With high positioning accuracy is easy to be controlled and can be operated by the users at will. The stainless steel control box with sealing cover and box cap, which can help prevent the electrical components from moisture and prevent the damage from welding slag.

5. Strobe light

 Give alerting signal when working

6. Rotary platform

  The rotary actuator with standard configuration can make the rotation range of the platform reach ±80°,which makes your work more flexible.

7. Active oscillation axle

  Active oscillation axle can preceive the terrain, and can guarantee that the machine can land on four wheels even on uneven road without reducing the driving force

 8. Swing-out engine tray

 It is easy for maintenance and repair

 9. Hydraulic system

 Closed circuit hydraulic traveling system has speed easily to be adjusted, wide speed range;the boom's hydraulic system adopts double value core circuit. which enhance the safety. The hydraulic components adopt European and North American pure brands.

 10. Driving mode 4*4(optional)

 The four-wheel drive is powerful with great grade-ability. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor aerial work occasions.

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Our Services for single ladder anti-rotating hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift
 1. We provide 12 months warranty for the hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift. Warranty starts from receipt of the machine or parts.
 2. All extra parts for the machine can be purchased with agent price from us.
 3.  Email/ Skype/ MSN/ Trade manager online to support.
 4.  Life-long Technical Support and After-sale Service free of charge.
 5.  Professional technical team and sales person give you regarding troubleshooting procedures via Internet and Phone any time when needed.
 6.  Free and Professional Training at our Factory under the relaxed condition.

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