150KG/25M lift height single ladder stop hydraulic telescopic cylinder aerial one man lift

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Product Description
Single ladder anti-rotating hydraulic telescopic cylinder lift
 This model of platform is classified to different types by lifting height from 4m to 30m. With different lifting height, the capacity is changed also. From 4m to 18m, the capacity is 200kg. From 20m to 26m, the capacity is 150kg. The capacity for the height 28m to 30m is 120kg.
 This model platform adopts high-duty steel pipe sleeves structure, its specification is: lifting steadily and safely, the bigger lifting height and tiny dimension of total machine, moving easily and operated conveniently.
 They are variously used in hotel, hall, supermarket and aerial work platform with small space.
 Some model and parameters for your reference. or we customize for you after we got the parameters you send to us.

 1.Rated voltage,220v, 380v for special order.
 2.Mobile hydraulic table lift is with 200kg capacity, AC power, the overall dimension is very small, suitable for narrow space.
 3.Anti-wind capacity, 5level under the height 20m, 4 level above the height 20m.

 1. There are remote control and control box, you can control mobile hydraulic lifting equipment on platform and ground
 2. Antiskid deck is adapted to the floor of the platform
 3. Emergency stop:when the mobile telescopic lift working, pressing the button, the power supply will be cut, the lifter stop works.
 4. Solenoid valve:when the telescopic is failure, the machine can down by it.
 5. Support legs:4 stable support legs keep stability of whole machine.

  We have three kinds of telescopic cylinder lift platform: Single layer for avoiding turning; Double layers for avoiding turning; Gradientable hydraulic cylinder lift.

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  1.The series of hydraulic lift platforms have the advantages of novel design, small size, exquisite appearance, easy operation and maintenance, stable ascent and descent, etc.
  2.The whole machine consist of platform, telescopic cylinder, anti-reverse mechanism of double ladder type, chassis oil tank, supporting leg, road wheel,etc.
  3.The telescopic cylinder lifts the platform, when starting motor,the motor will drive the gear pump to supply oil, and the oil will flow into cylinder through one-way valve and electromagnetic channel, as a result, the telescopic cylinder rises joint by joint.

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Basic Cylinder Types
 As with conventional cylinders, the two basic types of telescopic hydraulic cylinders are single and double acting. Single-acting telescoping cylinders extend under hydraulic pressure and rely on gravity or some external mechanical force for retraction. Single-acting cylinders are used in applications where some form of load is always on the cylinders. The classic single-acting telescopic applications are dump trucks and dump trailers. Pressurized oil extends the telescopic cylinder to raise one end of the dump body and expel its load. When pressure is released, the weight of the dump body forces oil out of the cylinder and it retracts

 Bearings and Seals
 Another design used on some single-acting telescopic cylinders, is the use of soft, zero leakage seals on the piston, which in turn use the full bore of the next larger stage as the effective area for extend force. These same seals contain the oil in the cylinder. The upper end of the cylinder, where the soft seals normally would be found, now contains a bearing for guidance. If any type of seal is used in the upper end of this telescopic cylinder design, it is usually a wiper/seal combination to exclude contaminants from entering the cylinders. With either type, the many sealing surfaces must compensate for normal deflection of stages as the cylinder extends.

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Our Services
 1. Presale service: Free comprehensive and detailed technology consultancy in construction sites, referential programs for construction equipment and the most suitable product program.
 2. In sale service: We provide free guidance of installation and debugging and free training of operation, care and maintenance.
 3. After-sale service: One year warranty service of whole machine and lifetime maintenance; regularly markets visits and free guidance of whole machines maintenance and reparations.
 4. Quick responses: we have a complete service network, hotline(86-25-56868001) services for 24hours and assist you to solve the problem in a short time.
 5. Parts supply: we have a complete parts supply network and can guarantee sufficient parts reserves and timely supply 24 hours service hotline

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