30M high rise aerial working tiltable telescopic cylinder lift platform

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Product Description of tiltable telescopic cylinder lift platform
The great advantage for telescopic cylinders over conventional rod-type cylinders is their ability to provide an exceptionally long stroke from a compact initial package. The collapsed length of typical telescopic cylinders varies between 20% to 40% of their extended length. Thus, when mounting space is limited and the application needs a long stroke, a telescopic cylinder is a natural solution. For example, a dump body needs to be tilted 60 degrees in order to empty completely. If the body or trailer is fitted with a conventional rod-type cylinder - with a one-piece barrel and stroke long enough to attain that angle - the dump body could not return to a horizontal orientation for highway travel because of the cylinders' length, even when fully retracted. A telescopic cylinder easily solves this problem. Telescopic hydraulic cylinders are relatively simple devices, but their successful application requires an understanding of this components idiosyncrasies. Knowledge of how telescopic cylinders work and which special application criteria to consider will enable you to design them safely and economically into equipment.

Product advantages of tiltable telescopic cylinder lift platform:  

 -CE approved.

 -Easily moved, high strength steel structures.

 -Even if you work at the 30 meter high, you still feel the best performance and best reliability.

-Mobile Telescopic Cylinder Platforms are operated by the telescopic cylinders which is strong and work reliable.

Power source:

 -The power sources could be 220V, 380V or chargeable battery, DC power, hand pump.


 -It is mainly used for the installation and maintenance of the narrow spaces such as star hotels, modern workshops, business hall, hotels, lobby, restaurant, railway stations, Exhibition hall and shopping malls.

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