Hot selling industrial Glass Vacuum Lifter/Glass lifting Robot

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Product Description
 Main Feature of Glass Vacuum Lifter/Glass lifting Robot
 It is for manually unloading glass from automatic sealing line after insulating glass being sealed.
 The machine is mainly used for carrying glass. It's suitable for glass up and down in vertical glass equipment. The main part of this machine is controlled by cylinder --AIRTAC brand from Taiwan, the suckers can turn on one's side to 90°; and the cantilever crane can turn 270°. It makes workers to carry glass much easier.
 It can be upgraded according customer's demands.
 Efficient and easy-to-use. You can use whenever you need it.
 Taking compressed gas as a medium. It is environmental without any pollution.
 Strong adaptability. It can be used to all kinds of working table for long lifting distance and adjustable.

Application of Glass Vacuum Lifter/Glass lifting Robot:
 Including but not limited to iron plate, stainless steel, aluminum plate, wood board, cement board and glass.

 The Battery Handling Crane uses European technology and the famous brand Japanese "SMC". Taiwan "airac", USA  "Thomas", Germany "Aerolift", Taiwan "Jinding" pneumatic components manufacturing, combined with European technology and made in China, the quality and cost balance are perfectly translated. Convenient and efficient operation mode and stable full pneumatic vacuum design.
The equipment uses the principle of Vacuum suction to match the mechanical design, so that the suction machine can absorb the glass, and make a flip, spin and so on handling action. Manually flip, manual rotation of 360 degrees, manual turn 90 degrees and battery suction.
This machine has the function of rotating and turning, and can be applied to various kinds of glass production and processing, glass curtain wall, installation and installation of construction site engineering glass. A variety of structural suction cups can be configured and lifting weight can be made according to the special design of the customer's needs.

 What is a RAMHOIST Glass Lifting Robot?

Vacuum lifters for glass to use in buiding area are usually batteryself powered with long durable batteries and electricvacuum pump complete of economizer. The structure of vacuum lifters for glass may be fixed, tilting 0°-90° or rotating 360°. In relation to the weigth of thematerial to be lift, the vacuum lifters are comprised of two, four, six or more vacuum pads.

 Allowing for safer lifts and faster installs, the RAMHOIST is quickly becoming the clear choice for professional glaziers everywhere.
 Mobile Articulated Vacuum Lift- but what does that really mean? A Glass Lifting Robot (vacuum glass lifter robot) is a self propelled, mobile piece of equipment used by many glazing contractors to set glass, curtain-wall, aluminum panels, or other materials.The lifting unit can be turned in all directions and telescoped to the front. the vacuum glass lifter robot was specially designed with a powerful vacuum suction system and precision controls. Appropriate for lateral or overhead lifting, RAMHOIST offers Synchronous Controls that keep the lifting unit at a constant inclination angle while being lifted. Reliable and designed for safety, the vacuum system is equipped with two separate vacuum cycles and two independently working pumps. Proven an effective tool by glaziers in Europe and North America.