Professional battery vacuum glass robot/glass handling machines lift

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Product Description
 Hot sale durable strong rubber plate vacuum glass lifter/electric glass lifter/glass robot/glass handling machines lift
 1.Unit weight 350kg
 2.Self-propelled drive
 3.Electric hydraulic lift and extensions to Lift Height 2500 mm Forward Extension 610 mm
 4.Electric hydraulic tilting forwards & backwards from  vertical to horizontal thru 180 deg
 5.Manual rotating 360 deg
 6.Battery: 4x 12V/55A
 8.Drive motor:24V/600W
 9.Lift motor:24V/2000W
 10.Big power battery, stable use
 11.Different clamp option Versatile Glass Lifting  machine for handling and fitting glass sheets inside/outside buildings
 12.The vacuum suction is designed with automatic pressure control and dual safety circuits to avoid system failure.
 13. Ideal for loading & unloading transporting,  rotating and installation small width to access into elevators and doors.
 14. Glass robot with CE certificate.

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KEY FEATURES OF Vacuum Glass Robot
 Ideal tool for simple, safe and damage free installation of glass and sandwich panels.
 Complies with all safety standards
 Battery powered, Alarm will warn when battery runs low
 Alarm for indicating low vacuum its improves operator safety
 It can be swiveled and suction cup is equipped with an exchangeable seal profile so it can be replaced easily
 Installation of sandwich panel
 Glass handling

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RAMHOIST vacuum glass robot is your best choice to lift heavy windows, glass panes & sheets
 Lift heavy-duty glass pieces safely and easily with the RAMHOIST glass manipulator. These revolutionary new glass handling machines lift and position both straight and curved panes with precision, allowing you to place your glass exactly where you need it. With 5 models to choose from, RAMHOIST offers both indoor and outdoor machines with a wide range of lifting capabilities.
 Why RAMHOIST glass robot is your smart choice?
 Lift Straight or Curved Surfaces
 Glass Panes, Windows, & More
 Industrial-Grade Materials
 Indoor and Outdoor Models
 Numerous Accessories
 Self-Driven with Remote Control
 Lift Up to 800 kg (1,763 lbs.)