Factory price electric vacuum lifter Glass mobile flip robot/Glass Installation Robot

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 -  RAMHOIST Glass Vacuum Lifter/Glass Installation Robot is designed for lifting, moving, and installing a large-sized glass with a maximum weight of 1056lbs (480kg).

 -  Features superior vacuum lift that can also tilt the glass sheet.

 -  Able to rotate left/right and vertically from 0 to 90 degree.


  • DC charging vacuum pump with a battery unit for use on site

  • Max. load 2000kg

  • Glass length of up to 15m, width 4m

  • Applicable up to 300 degree glass

  • 0-90 degree flip moving

  • 0-360 degree rotation moving

  • A variety of structures and suction cups available for configurations

  • Sound and light alarm display

  • Integrated accumulator on main beam

  • Imported oil-free pump and valve

  • Adjustable suction cups, individual switch-off

  • Safety tank and pressure gauge

  • CE standard design


  1. Load capacity: 400kg

  2. Suction cup size: 300mm

  3. Rotation degree: 0--360 degree

  4. Flip degree: 0-90 degree

  5. Voltage:12V / 220V / 380V, 50HZ / 60HZ, 1 / 3 phase

  6. Weight: 90kg

  7. Dimension:1500*1150*300 / 1800*1000*300mm

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 1.Sucker suction guarantee system, if there is a set of suction leakage, another set of suckers can also absorb the cargo, ensure that the normal operation of the car can suck up, lift the flip of the plate.

 2.Small product appearance; Easy access to elevators. Clever design; The multifunction key is focused on the control handle.

 3.Mobile convenience; Electric walking, electronic stepless speed regulation, smooth walking, high power drive motor, ensure the safety of the carrying glass.

 4.It is convenient to charge and equipped with intelligent charger, which can be used to supply the electric quantity at any time.

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Detailed Information

Machine feature:

 1. This Vacuum Glass Lifter/Glass Installation Robot is widely used in transition of various kind of hollow glass, laminated glass, raw glass and tempered glass, etc.

 2. American THOMAS DC vacuum pump + Panasonic DC battery are adopted; When using, there is no need to connect other air source or power source.

 3. Digital display vacuum pressure switch and battery charge indicator, which can monitor safe operation of equipment more clearly.

 4. With vacuum pressure charging system, equipment can ensure the whole vacuum system within a relatively constant safe pressure value during transition.

The battery powered glass installation robot is supplied by Nanjing Ram Machinery Co,.Ltd and based on the spot installation request and working environment,the manipulator was multiple functions design,including extension\up-down\tilting\rotation Etc,the mobile design make the manipulator more convenient with high flexibility, integrated control lead to an easy operated method,the manipulator was well suited for glass installation indoors.

In 2018 new design, we revised the rotation part to increase the safety by slewing bearing. Also, we put a sensor on rear wheel, which offer a waring in case of overload detected, the extension and elevation function will be locked for safe operation


 1. Maximum load: 400kg at end of second boom without extension, 250kg at the end of second boom after extended

 2. Suction pads: 6 of diameter 300mm or two of rectangle suction pads of 350*500mm

 3, Machine weight: 905kg with counterweight, 580kg without counterweight

 4. Power supply: 24V,DC

 5. Front wheel size: diameter 300mm

 6. Back wheel size: diameter 250mm

 7. Hydraulic pump power: 0.8KW

 8. Driven wheel pump: 1.2KW

 9. Maximum lifting height: 3650mm, from ground to suction pads

 10. Vacuum pump: two pumps with dual system

 11. Hydraulic control: mechanical roller with sensible control for speed

 12. Low vacuum pressure warning

 13. Charge in: 100-240V, one phase,15A

 14. A sensor used for overload