400KG,600kg,800kg Electric Vacuum Glass Lifting Equipment Lifter Robot/Glazing robot

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Application of glass lifter
    - Glass processing
    - Glass curtain wall
    - Copper aluminum and steel
    - Walls and plastic panels
    - Stone, ceramic

Advantages of glass lifter
    1.Designed to allow glaziers to unload, transport and install large plates of glass.
     2.Can let the workers do more work with less people and with greater safety. 
     3. With the lifting capacity of 200 kgs (440 Lbs) and 300kgs(660  Lbs).
     4.Rotate glass measuring up to 2440*3660 mm (96″*144″).
     5. With adjustment settings to allow for side and top pocket glazing
     6. Loaded easily onto a truck and quickly assembled in under a minute.
     7. With large solid wheels allow for travelling over uneven or rough grounds on construction  sites.
     8.The wheelbase can be adjusted, so allowing for narrow walkways on-site.
     9.Terrific features of the R Glass trolley are: Allow the window to be  rotated 360 degrees, and the operator can also rotate the glass to side to move  through the narrow doorways easily

      The R(B) series Glass Trolley is one innovative small portable lifter  that allows one man to move plates weighing up to 80 kg or two to three men up  to 200 kg, even 300kg (RB series, with Electric vacuum suction cup). Once  assembled the R(B) Glass Trolley can unload plates off the truck and then transport the plates and windows on site.  
 What products do we have?
 Movable Manual Glass Lifter Trolley, Portable Electric Glass Lifter Trolley,  Vacuum lifter, Glass lifter, Warehouse transport handling trolleys, electric  flip rotation vacuum lifter

Why choose us?

1. Real Factory with exporting experience.
 More than10 years of producing Manual Glass Lifter, electric glass lifter, glass robot and 6 years of exporting experience
 2. Price.
 Provide factory direct price, will save your cost than buy from third party
 3.Excellent quality.
 Mainly parts imported from Europe and USA, assembly in China, we can ensure the long  time use and safety.
 4. Adequate Stock.
 We have many kinds of spare parts for Manual Glass Lifter, electric glass lifter, glass  robot in stock, we can delivery in 24 hrs.
 5. Services.
 Professional  service team can give powerful support for our products. Engineers have more  than 10 years' experience in products and ready to solve all your problems.
 6. Innovation.
 Technical and management innovation guarantee our quality to be in top position in our  industry.

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 RAMHOIST Vacuum lifter series are specially designed for handling different kinds of  heavy plate, board and glass, useful for installing steel board, glass wall, moving such as granite, marble. Easily handle lifting, moving and rotating with vacuum suction caps and powerful drive system.
 1.  Integrated control system secures quick and automatic positioning vertically and horizontally by a single push on a button.
 2. DC24V reliable actuators for lifting, extension and tipping. efficient and precise. Self propelling, various circuit vacuum suction.
 3. Attractive price, staff saving, strong improvement of working  environment.


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 We supply a range of glazing robots that provide relief from the manual lifting of  heavy window frames and individual panes of glass. The glazing robots we supply can also be used to lift other objects, providing they feature an airtight  surface suitable for use with suction pads. This type of machine is ideal for  use both on building sites and inside window factories where large panes of glass need to be moved safely and securely.

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There are Indoor Glazing Robots and Off-Road Glazing Robots, Both are precision control, mobile, articulating vacuum lifter, setting glass and other materials.
 the Indoor Glazing Robot offers a boom  that telescopes, lifts, tilts, and rotates a battery driven vacuum unit for  precision glass or material sets. It may be used to transport glass or materials and can slew the load sideways +/- 90° for easy transport through  doors or narrow spaces.
 Designed  for rough jobsites, these outdoor glazing robots offer large rugged tires and a  powerful front wheel drive system. Coming standard with a precision multi-function wireless remote control and offering models capable of setting glass over 16′ overhead, glaziers are completing jobs safer and faster than  ever before.
 Just like our indoor glazing robots, the Off-Road Glazing Robot offers 90° sideward  swinging for carrying glass or materials into tight spaces. Manufactured using high quality components and thoughtful engineering, these Off-Road Glazing  Robots may be built tough but have not lost the precision control and soft touch which has become synonymous, Offering a boom that telescopes, lifts, tilts, and rotates a battery driven vacuum unit, setting glass has never been easier.