Electric suction cup glass lifter/stone lifter vacuum cup 300~600kg

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Product Introduction
 RAMHOIST Automatic Steel Sheet Stone Slab Slate Vacuum Suction Lifter
 Self Loading Stone Slab Vacuum Lifter is a newly designed product, it eliminated trouble of lifting slabs by man power, improved operator safety. This machine is with large suction power and can suck slabs firmly. It is suitable for transportation of Lichi, Flaming and Smooth slab surface. Characteristics of easy operation, high safety, energy and time saving reduced labor intensity.
 These series stone vacuum lifters we make are mainly for workshop use for stone handling, the lifter capacity could be up to 3T.
 We offer two types machines for different handle request, the air powered lifters were used for marbles, granites in cutting machine feeding, unloading, for the quartz stone demold, we would offer the electric powered lifter for higher stability.

Air powered vacuum lifter with manual tilting from 0-90 degree



PPD- MT300/3




Dimensiuon of pad




Pad number



Power supply

Compressed air

Compressed air

Air pressure



Air consumption



Tilting unit



Tilting degree



Control model

Hand Valve control

Hand Valve control

 Electric powered vacuum liter for quartz demold:
 Maximum loading: 500kg
 Power supply: AC380(other power on request)
 Suction pads number: 6-8 pads
 Diameter of pads: 220-280mm
 Handling method: horizontal

The ergonomic handle on RAMHOIST stone vacuum lifter is easy to use and comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. Pick up stones or cement goods without effort and move the load safely, easily adjusting lifting height with your fingertips. Suction cups can be adjusted to meet your needs, tailored for your load and working conditions.

 RAMHOIST lifting systems provide complete solutions, streamlining your manual handling of stone and cement goods. Our stone vacuum lifters can be mounted in crane systems built to match your facilities, or in jib cranes offering optimal range of motion. We adapt the system to fit your operations, so that you can achieve an optimal workflow with efficient lifting and safe handling of goods.

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 Designed for horizontal lifting of both porous and polished stone, the Stone Slab lifter has a constant running vacuum system and closed cell foam ring pad that is flexible enough to work with irregular or textured stone surfaces.
This lifter is also suitable for other porous materials such as drywall, plasterboard and SIPs. This stone lifter comes with a range of pads from 90kg to 1000kg depending on the shape and size of the load.