Marble, Slab, Granite and Stone Material Handling Vacuum Lifters

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 Stone Vacuum Lifter is a powerful tool for transporting large slabs. It is usually combined with a hoist to lift stone slabs onto a processing table or to move it within a warehouse or a workshop.

 Stone Vacuum Lifter is a stone-lifting device that uses air technology to lift, tilt, and move stone. The vacuum lifter can safely and easily move very heavy slabs of granite, marble, engineered stone, natural stone, and more. The vacuum stone lifter comes in a variety of models to fit your lifting needs.

 The telescopic type Ideal vacuum cup feeding device for laser cutting machines absorbs large and medium-thick steel plates, aluminum plates, copper plates, stainless steel plates and other metal materials by means of lifting tools such as hoist crane, and can adjust the body according to the size of the plate, and is flexible and widely used in laser cutting. Use for Materials, freight and logistics industry.

 Equipment Advantages:

 High efficiency: increase factory productivity

 Cost savings: reduce production labor costs

 Reduce risk: effectively reduce operator safety hazards

 Simple operation: simple operation


 Vacuum lifters from are not only lifting smooth loads reliable, they can also handle heavy stones easily. Whether it is marble, granite, sandstone or rough concrete – no problem. other groups of materials

 RAMHOIST Stone Vacuum Lifter is designed to lift smooth surfaced stone with compressed air power with a lifting capacity of 500kg. It features robust construction with ability to lift and to tilt the stone.


 - Designed for lifting, moving, installing a large-size slab.

 - Superior vacuum lifter will satisfy requirements of customers.

 - The two rubber vacuum suction pads protect a slab from scratching during being handled.

 - The suction pressure maintaining stably ensues a slab not fallen down during working process.

 - It is able to incline vertical from 0 - 90 degree.

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 Granite and Stone Material Handling Vacuum Lifters come in a variety of sizes, pads per vacuum lifter, and different weight capacities depending on the type of material you will be transporting.

 All of the vacuum lifters can be used on granite, marble, travertine, limestone, blue stone, all landscape stone, as well as steel and other sheet materials.

 RAMHOIST vacuum lifters can be used on polished, smooth, textured, rough, and uneven surfaces.

 RAMHOIST Vacuum Lifters are pneumatic air powered venturi vacuum lifters. They range from Single pad, 3 pad, 4 pad, 5 pad, and 8 pad cups

 RAMHOIST Stone Vacuum Lifters are both Pneumatic powered as well as hand pump powered venturi vacuum Lifters. These are single cup vacuum lifters

 RAMHOIST Stone Vacuum Lifters are premium quality vacuum lifters designed to last for years, with very easy maintenance and inexpensive operating costs.

 With a full line of accessories and parts, RAMHOIST stocks the parts needed to quickly service the Vacuum Lifters