Rotating Stone Lifter vacuum system glass vacuum lifter

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Stone lifter/ Vacuum lifter for stone/marble slab

 To make the following technical specifications by RAMHOIST, According to your actual working conditions.
  1, Plate parameters provide for vacuum lifter lifting:
  (1) Material: Stone/ marble/granite slabs, Maximum weight 250kg
  (2) (600)L mm X(600)W mm X(100)T mm Max.weight:250kg.
  (3) Handling way: Horizontal handling,
  (4) The surface of unpolished/polished.
  2, Existing crane mechanical and electrical configuration:
 (1) Power supply: 380VAC±15%, Frequency: 50Hz  ±1Hz, Three-phase system
 (2) Operation manner: Manual operation of production area for suction and release.
 (4) Lifting equipment: Driving/cantilever crane (should be provided by the client)
  3. Function
 Without damages
 One operator
 Acoustic warning
 Intergrated safety tank
 Imported Pump& Valve
 Efficient, safe, quick, easy
 Safety Tank & pressure switch warning
 Adjustable suction cups, can be turned off individually
 4. Application
 Stone surface polished.
 Aluminium Boards
 Plastic Boards
 Stone Slabs
 Laminated chipboards

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This series stone vacuum lifter we made was maily for workshop use for stone handling, the lifter capacity could be up to 3T. we offer two types machines for different handle request, the air powered lifters were used for marbles, granites in cutting machine feeding,unloading, for the quartz stone demold, we would offer the electric powered lifter for higher stability.

The vacuum lifting equipment for lifting and handling stone, paving or tile floorings is the latest materials handling product from RAMHOIST. With rubber vacuum padsIt is ideal for lifting, moving and installing large stone slabs. This new vacuum lifting solution is ideal for the construction and manufacturing industries. Vacuum Stone Lifters safely lifts vertical and horizontal slabs without damaging them, providing a 0° to 90° tilting range. The slabs is protected by four black (white rubber suction pads are also available) rubber vacuum suction pads from being scratched. The slabs won't fall since stable suction pressure is maintained in operation which ensures a safe work condition, The vacuum lifters are mounted onto base plates in order to create a mobile solution, where the entire lifter can be moved by means of a forklift truck.

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 Non-invasive lifting of concrete elements has an essential bearing on the quality as well as on the safety and security of the works performed on the building site, particularly when it comes to butting the slabs up. Use of vacuum lifters significantly increases the pace at which the works concerned are performed and completed, allowing for damage-free assembly of concrete elements and thus ensuring an ergonomic working environment.
Vacuum lifters designed for assembly of construction elements
A Vacuum stone lifteris a device that is more and more frequently used in the handling/loading of large and small-sized construction elements. Innovative technology enables the lifting and transferring of various concrete prefabricated items as well as materials made of natural stone. Vacuum catchers enable the non-invasive lifting of pavement slabs, concrete pipes, curbs, palisades, or entire layers of cobblestone and other construction materials, thereby ensuring fast, comfortable and – importantly – safe and secure assembly.