Heavy duty rocker arm stone slab vacuum lifter for sale

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RAMHOIST Vacuum Lifterare specially designed for handling different kinds of heavy plate, board and glass, useful for installing steel board, glass wall, moving such as granite, marble. Easily handle lifting, moving and rotating with vacuum suction caps and powerful drive system.

RAMHOIST Vacuum Lifter: heavy duty vacuum lifter, easy to move around

Self-propelled drive, Higher lift cap, available upon request. Electric side shift 100mm both right/left. Electric tilting is forwards/backwards from vertical to horizontal or reverse. Suction plate is manual rotating.

Handling Equipment:Special design for handling difference kind of heavy plate, such as steel, glass, granite, marble  and so forth, with vacuum suction caps.

Vacuum Robot: The vacuum suction is designed with automatic pressure control doable routes to avoid system failure. Ideal for loading/unloading, transporting, rotating and installation. Easy for operation, with the following functions:

 1. Self-propelled drive. Manual rotating.

 2. Electric lift up to 1.5M 2.5M.

 3. Higher lift cap. is available upon request.

 4. Electric side shift 100mm both right & left.

 5. Electric tilting forwards/backwards from vertical to horizontal or reverse.

 6. Integrated control system secures quick and automatic positioning vertically and horizontally by a single push on a button.

 7. DC24V reliable actuators for lifting, extension and tipping. efficient and precise. Self propelling, various circuit vacuum suction.

 8. Attractive price, staff saving, strong improvement of working environment.

 9. RAMHOIST vacuum lifter are dealt with shot blasting and stoving varnish, high anti-corrosion function.

 10. High quality pump station make the vacuum lifter lifts and falls very stably.

 11. Heavy duty cylinders with drainage system and check valve to stop the scissor lift table lowering in the case of hose burst.

 12. Pressure relief valve prevent overload operation, Flow control valve make descent speed adjustable.

 13. Brief structure makse it much easier to operate and maintain.

 14. Up to American standard ANSI/ASME and Europe standard EN1570.

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 Ergonomic and efficient stone vacuum lifting: Everyone can lift heavy stone and cement goods, effortless and efficient. RAMHOIST stone vacuum lifters make stone handling efficient and ergonomic, streamlining operations and improving employee health.

Gripping and lifting blocks of stone or cement with practically no effort at all will speed up work, and save you from aching backs or shoulders. RAMHOIST vacuum lifters are easy to use, handheld devices ensuring ergonomic working conditions and efficient handling of stone and cement goods. Lifting with vacuum is sustainable and safe, for both operator and goods.