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RAMHOIST offers steel framed, production grade vacuum lifters for both Smooth and/or Rough Stone Handling. We build lifters which are solid, reassuringly safe and designed to be used daily. They usually weigh more than our competitors and have larger, more durable components. We build with a 4 to 1 vacuum safety factor in the vertical and 2 to1 vacuum safety factor in the horizontal position. RAMHOIST lifters have a 3 to 1 or better structural safety factor. We comply with all US safety ANSI, ASME and UL regulations unlike imported units.

We have been building vacuum lifters long ago and have a modular line, which can grow with your needs. All parts are stocked here at our factory and are ready for quick ship even during the summer months when our foreign competitors are closed. You will not find a better value for a stone vacuum lifter.
This is very common in loading and shows the need to have the tilting lifter as they cut the parts on a saw, then set onto an A frame cart before transferring them here onto the CNC for profiling and polishing the parts. Transitioning is much smoother using the power tilt and control is excellent for loading and unloading high value parts onto and off of the machines.

Vacuum lifters from RAMHOIST are not only lifting smooth loads reliable, they can also handle heavy stones easily. Whether it is marble, granite, sandstone or rough concrete – no problem. other groups of materials

Designed for lifting, moving and installing a large-size slab. The suction pressure maintaining stability ensures a slab will not fall while operating. Four suction cups. The rubber vacuum suction pads will protect a slab from scratching. Incline angle 0- 90 degrees. Requires 120 PSI supply air. Comes with cart for easy transportation.

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 A complete range of electric, self-powered crane mounted and forklift mounted vacuum lifters for the handling of steel plates slabs, alloys, concrete, stone, marble, granite and panels. Capacities from 100 kgs up to 50,000 kgs. Available with single pad-multi, pad-radio, control-90 degree, tilting-180 degree tilting.

 RAMHOIST offer a wide range of Vacuum lifters for the stone industry - vacuum lifting device for slabs of marble, granit and other material.

 RAMHOIST Stone Vacuum Lifter with Single Pad, 2 Pads, or 4 Pads are designed for lifting, moving, installing a large-size slab.

 The vacuum is created by a vacuum generator supplied with compressed air (from a Venturi-pipe system) or with electric vacuum pump.

 The rubber vacuum pad(s) will protect a slab from scratching.

 The suction pressure maintaining firmly, ensuring a slab will not fall while operating.

 This lifter has the ability to incline vertical from 0 - 90 degree.

 While Double Suction Lifter and Triple Suction Lifter are designed for use on non-porous surfaces. we believer our different kinds of vacuum lifter will satfify your different requirment and application.