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 • Steady suction pressure guarantees a slab not to fall down in the course of work

 • Two rubber vacuum suction pads prevent a slab from scratching once handled

 • Equipped with batteries instead of being supplied with external power

 • 0-90 degree flip moving and 0-360 degree rotation moving

 • Tested by professional welders and engineers for safety and security

 • Made up of pneumatic motions system, vacuum gripping system and safety protection system

 • Buzzer and warning light units and vacuum pressure switch work to prompt operator treatment

 • Slider valve with ON/OFF position for the attachment and release of material from vacuum pads

 • Adjustable suction cups suitable for all dimensions of slab panels

 • Decent price with competition under the high quality and on-time delivery with great package

 • Unique technicians adopted and colours can be customized to meet customers' requirements

 • About 20 Hours maximum working period and a lot of labour can be saved

 • Vacuum automatic compensation system is helpful for working safety and energy saving

 • One year warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers

 • Applied for steel boards, aluminum boards, plastic boards, stone slabs and wood panels

 • Eliminate the risk of material breaking during shifting and make the operation more efficient

 • Compressed air suction lifter for marble granite slab with 90 degree hydraulic angle

Vacuum lifters enable the efficient and effective assembly of concrete prefabricated elements. They are also applied in installing stone materials or other paving elements. The use of so-called suckers considerably enhances safety while also improving the quality of the works executed on the building site. Such appliances can be easily rented, without the need for the customer to buy any of them.

Designed for lifting, moving and installing a large-size slab. The suction pressure maintaining stability ensures a slab will not fall while operating. Four suction cups. The rubber vacuum suction pads will protect a slab from scratching. Incline angle 0- 90 degrees.

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RAMHOIST Vacuum Stone Lifters is a powerful battery-operated vacuum device and Handling equipment for handling, lifting and moving large natural stone,limestone, sandstone, concrete, bluestone, sedimentary stone, marble, slab, granite, graphite,slate, ceramic,clay or countertopsor precast concrete products with surfaces: smooth, hammered, flamed, honed, from potting. Can be suspended from any carrier using hooks, chains, slings, cables, etc.Vacuum lifter for the stone industry features robust construction with the ability to lift and then incline the stone, it helps you get the job done with efficiency as well as faster and safer than ever.

RAMHOIST Stone Vacuum Lifters (vacuum lifting devices) are mainly designed to lift smooth(polished) and rough surfaced stone, which are solid, reassuringly safe and designed to be used daily and work equally well on job sites or in-plant, The vacuum is created by a vacuum generator supplied with compressed air (from a Venturi-pipe system) or with electric vacuum pump, Compressed air powered with a lifting capacity of 250 Kg, 500 Kg and 1000 Kg.

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Why use the device?

  • Vacuum lifters accelerate the assembly of concrete elements: efficient lifting and precise positioning considerably increases the speed of the assembly process;

  • They enable the efficient lifting of considerably longer elements: as a result, instead of two  shorter concrete slabs, a longer single slab can be applied;

  • They prevent damage to materials: the suckers diminish the risk of damage which is otherwise often the case when clamps/clenches or belts are used;

  • They render the cost of labour more efficient: the use of such lifting devices implies no need to engage excessive numbers of workers to do the assembly;

  • They increase security and safety: the lifters prevent any sort of injury as might otherwise be caused by lifting heavyweight construction materials;

  • Moreover, they enable the non-invasive lifting of concrete elements and efficient butt-up arrangement of slabs.

RAMHOIST offers a complete range of vacuum lifting equipment which are steel framed, production grade vacuum lifters for both Smooth and/or Rough Stone Handling to suit almost any situation. From lifting heavy steel plate to fragile sheets of glass, we are proving to be the most versatile and affordable vacuum lifters on the market which usually weigh more than our competition’s and have larger, more durable components.