Vacuum tube lifter for bag,box,chipboard,wooden panel,MDF

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Product Description
 Barrel lifting
 Vacuum Lifter/Vacuum Sucker for drum/barrel/bucket /5 Gallon Metal Bucket/Drum/Barrels, Paint/Solvent/Chemical Coating Bucket handling equipment
 Vacuum tube lifter is a manual vacuum lifting device that handles almost any type of  load. The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Based on a unique concept, RAMHOIST has been developed into a versatile system for simpler, safer and more effective lifting.
 For handling barrel 25-80kg
 For handling without damaged, and meanwhile save the labour force
 Capacity 60kg lifter
 1.Lifting workpiece parameters:
 Workpiece:barrel, max.weight 25-50kg.
 The lowest point of suction pad: 150mm
 The highest point of suction pad: 1900mm
 Lifting tube stroke is: 1750mm
 The height of roof: More than 4000mm
 Length of Jib arm: 2500mm
 Post fixed on floor installation, rotating can angle limit
 2. Product main performance index

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 Vacuum handling is an effective, efficient and ergonomic method of lifting many different products.
 With vacuum handling systems, production processes are streamlined and processing times shortened. At the same time staff members' motivation and productivity are increased.

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 There is no need for hoists, manipulators or pneumatic cylinders to pick up and lift the workpiece. The operator controls the vacuum in the system with a valve on the control handle. A higher vacuum lifts the load, a lower vacuum lowers it.
 Improve your manual handling techniques, when looking for lifting equipment a vacuum lifter makes manual handling easy and can help avoid manual handling injuries.

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 • Available in two hand operated Tube Vacuum Lifter.
 • Very flexible to fit your specific needs.
 • Available with a wide range of accessories.
 • Increases productivity.
 • Modular system which can be reconfigured for new tasks over time.
 • Reliable and with low service costs
 • Available in A2 Stainless Steel.、

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 Vacuum Tube Lifter Lifting Systems boost productivity safely and efficiently for operators due to its integrated controls and ease of use. Allowing one person to safely pick up large workpieces and load them into a box, table, etc., this same lifter can also be  used to handle the packed box. RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifters are fully integrated and designed for fast, safe, one-person handling of porous-type loads such as wood, bags and boxes.

DON'T FORGET! When looking for a vacuum lifter provider make sure they design and manufacture the required crane system in-house, many suppliers just buy from a crane company. Make sure you have the peace of mind knowing your supplier is responsible for the complete package.