360 degree rotation Industrial Bag vacuum tube lifter for box handling made in China

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Vacuum tube lifter
 Capacity 60kg bags/ Bag vacuum lifter /hot sale vacuum tube lifter for carton/Bag lifter
 1.  Lifting workpiece parameters:
 1)   Workpiece: regular  size bag for sugar, max. weight 25-50kg.
 2)   Dimension of workpiece.










Suction the bags from pallet, move  from pallet to conveyor.

This model we designed for one man operation with two hands, it feature its operation way like motorcycle drive model with high safety and convenient, the right hand with rotation lever for grabbing\lifting\low down, the left hand with brake lever for release and make the suction pads separated from the loads quickly, the loads never deviated from the pads unless the brake lever was pressed.

Product Description
  ESL series tube vacuum lifter for carton box stack or unloading was from 10kg  up to 150kg maximum, its maximum reached height was 2500mm, with flexible extension controller, the operation could stack the cartons in easy way:

 1.  maximum load: 150kg for cartons
 2.  maximum stack height: 2500mm
 3.  power input: 380V, 50Hz
 4:  power supply: 3KW-4KW
 5.  control method: two hand operation, right hand with rotation lever for grab,  lifting, lowing, the left hand with brake rod for separation
 6.  maximum vacuum flow: 120-170cbm/h
 7.  maxmum vaccum pressure: -60kpa
 8:  rated working pressure: -45kpa

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Tube vacuum lifter is available in six lift tube sizes, between 100 mm and 200 mm, with five different vacuum pumps and many accessories and suction feet for a virtually infinite number of combinations. Normally, it is driven by an electric vacuum pump for best  performance and flexibility but we can also provide pneumatic vacuum pumps if required. 

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 RAMHOIST tube lifter can be adapted to different shapes thanks to its special area gripper with sealing foam. For single-pipe exhaust systems, the same gripper can be used for many models. Even twin-pipe systems can be handled quickly and easily. The suitable gripper can be easily created by using components from the standard range.
 RAMHOIST vacuum tube lifter is able to handle wooden boards weighing up to 65 kg with ease too. The operator can rotate the ergonomic operating element intuitively to lift and lower the workpiece. The tube lifter is equipped with an area gripper which is especially suited to rough surfaces. The gripper can be positioned flexibly on the workpiece since the excellent seal provided by the foam produces a high holding force.
 The tube lifter is completed with a crane system.