Labor Cost Reducing sack and sugar bag vacuum tube lifter

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Features of vacuum tube lifters
 • Pneumatic device, low noise, easy to operate, flexible usage
 • Equipped with air-cut protection, low pressure protection and misoperation protection 
 • Gas control system is adopted and the power supply mode guarantees safety system
 • The load balancing effect quickly works in the case of weight changes
 • Increase load of pneumatic push button by lever control to achieve load balancing
 • Applied for bags, cases, boxes, sheet metals, timbers, woods and so on
 • Vacuum regulators mounted on the vacuum blower protect the blower in case overheat
 • Avoid harm by vacuum blowers when pumping and pressing poisonous and harmful gas
 • Without any adjustment after simply moving the gripping through proper controls
 • Ball bearings loaded between the inner and outer steel rim are able to bear large  loads 
 • Prevent damage caused by leakage of vacuum system and promise good insulation 
 • One year warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers
 • Tested by professional welders and engineers for safety and security
 • Provide excellent lifting in extreme conditions and applied to many fields
 • Convenient and be formed with two-hands control unit and other accessories
 • Fully compliant with high standard and assembled by trained and qualified personnel
 • New, fully tested and certified which made from high grade vacuum tube lifters
 • Decent price with competition under the high quality and on-time delivery with great package

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RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are ergonomic lift assist devices that help you increase the productivity while offering an economic solution to your needs of material handling. RAMHOIST Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems are simply to use, easy to maintain and require min. operator training.
Without the use of a hoist, These Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems grab the load (via vacuum suction), support, lift and lower the load, all by means of a single operator control. The use of vacuum suction pads for attachment allows objects to be lifted without fear of damage to the surface or edges of the product, often caused by manual lifts or grabs.  Vacuum power is supplied by a remotely connected high-efficiency vacuum pump to the vacuum lift tube which is to lift and lower the attached load. A Power Loss Safety Check Valve built into the 360-degree top swivel, slowly lowers the load if power supply to the vacuum pump is interrupted.

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Vacuum tube lifters provide an ergonomic working environment. They help you prevent the health problems caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. RAMHOIST offers vacuum tube lifters with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components. This means the crane systems are particularly responsive and support ergonomic work with the vacuum lifters.

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 Ergonomic handling with vacuum tube lifters is easy and safe, we have the experience and skill to design a system for your specific application and environment. RAMHOIST' vacuum tube lifting systems make the lifting, lowering, swiveling, loading and transporting loads safe and easy.
 Vacuum tube lifters are mainly used for items that do not have a smooth surface since tubes can be designed with enough suction power to minimize the effects of any loss in suction. As a result, these lifting devices are typically  used as sack and bag lifters, but they can also be used to stack boxes on pallets, load barrels on a truck, stack metal or wooden sheets, or move heavy stone slabs. Regardless, material handling operations can be carried out faster, more ergonomically and more safely with vacuum tube lifters.
Wacuum tube lifting equipment is an investment in good health for anyone who has to lift heavy objects, since it relieves the stress on the spine and joints.