Hydraulic vertical stationary lead rail electric platform lifts for cargo in warehouse

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 Product Description

General description  and advantages:
 1. Chain lifting platforms, with flexible  lifting range, large loading capacity, are compact and lightweight.
 2.  Without restriction of space, widely used in such as narrow space as  warehouses, factories, highways and stairwell place where we could not dig  pits.
 3.  The platform moves smooth, operates simply, safely and reliably.

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  Power driven:
 220v,  380v, 400v. they also can be equipped with handle control, in case the power is  not available that the lift can work.

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  Changeable items:
 1.  The control button is all put on the ground panel, but they can be changed onto  the platform or controlled by a remote controller.
 2.  The power supply can be changed to Hydraulic driven power to meet the need  where the electricity is not available.

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  Supplying capacity:
 We  have regular models of Chain lifting platforms kept in our warehouse, and they  can be delivered as soon as the order comes. or we manufacture the machine  according to the order that the customer gives, with special design.


 Our Services
 1.  One year warranty for whole Chain lifting platforms.
 2.  Providing free quick-wear part
 3.  Low charge for continue maintenance when warranty is expired
 4.  Exclusive engineer support at any time.
 5.  Highly professional training to end-users

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