Vertical lead rail hydraulic cargo lift platform / cargo transport elevator

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Product Description
 Lead rail lift (hydraulic cargo lift) is hydraulic lifting machinery used for two- or three-story industrial buildings, restaurants, transportation of goods between floors in the restaurants. With the minimum height of 150-300mm, it is particularly suitable for working sites where pits can't be excavated. Meanwhile, it is unnecessary to set the upper lift points. With  various types (single-column, double-column and four-column), the equipment operates smoothly with simple and reliable operations. The transportation of goods is economical and convenient.
 With firm structure, large carrying capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient assembly and maintenance; it is an economical and practical ideal equipment for goods transportation between low floors to replace the elevator. Selection of various alternative configurations based on the assembly environment and the use requirement of the lifting platform can obtain better use effects. This product is mainly used in explosion-proof enterprises relating to chemical, high temperature, high voltage, power plants, nuclear industrial bases, explosives
 This lift is driven by the electric and hydraulic system, lifting up and down along the guide rail. Equipped single side or double sides hydraulic cylinder to keep the lift works smooth and stable. It is installed in the pit or on the ground. The control panels are available both at the needed floorsand the lift platform, with UP DOWN STOP button.
 It is designed according to customer specifications and requirements
 Loading capacity is max 50T

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Detail Parts of Vertical Material Lift 
 1.  Platform: Checkered Steel Plate reinforced by high strength channel steel.
 2.  Pump station: Brand Italy Hydrappp or Lisheng.
 3.  Hydrocylinder: both way high precision wear-resisting hydrocylinder with locking device for fall protection.
 4.  Hydraulic pipe: high pressure pipe with double expanded metal protected.

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