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Product Description
 Hydraulic warehouse cargo elevator provides fast, efficient, convenient and safe access to mezzanines, balconies, basements, and any levels in multistoried building. It can be installed indoor and outdoor applications.
 Without restriction of space, they are widely used in lifting operations over large areas, such narrow space as warehouses, factories, highways and stairwell place where we could not dig pits. It is used to lift up and down large cargo to different levels, normally in the assembly line and other cargo transferring.
 1.  Hydraulic lifting system, the far end control and multi control points at the different floors could be realized hierarchical control.
 2.  Stop anywhere at the pre-concreted and accurate location point.
 3.  It can work under any condition, great load capacity, safety and reliable.
 4.  There are sensitive overload protection devices locking device for falling protection.

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With steel mesh protection model The vertical material lift could be surrounded by steel mesh to prevent goods from falling.

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 Safety protection

 1. The vertical material lift equipped with checkered plate to prevent slipping, it is enough safe when working.
 2. Manual emergency valve, it can go down to the nearest floor and open the door when meet an emergency.
 3. The balance wire rope protects the platform not incline when working.
 4. Anti-explosion valve, when the hydraulic system pipe fracture, it can cut down the channel of the oil to stop the falling.

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Our Services
 1.  Presale service:
 Free comprehensive and detailed technology consultancy in construction sites, referential programs for construction equipment and the most suitable product program.
 2.  In sale service:
 We provide free guidance of installation and debugging and free training of operation, care and maintenance.
 3.  After-sale service:
 One year warranty service of whole vertical material lift and lifetime maintenance; regularly markets visits and free guidance of whole machine's maintenance and reparations.
 4.  Quick responses:
 we have a complete service network, hotline services for 24hours and assist you to solve the problem in a short time.
 5.  Parts supply:
 we have a complete parts supply network and can guarantee sufficient parts reserves and timely supply

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