Universal Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel Wire Rope cable Grips

Keyword:Wire Rope Grips   Time:2019-5-12 23:42:57

Wire Rope Grip made in alloy for gripping, pulling and tensioning of sheathed wire ropes, cables, earth or ground cable, cable stretcher and metal rods according to the wire diameter 25-50mm2,95-120mm2,150-240mm2

Our Wire Rope Grip is compatible with ISO 9001, and can be with brand name from customer. we also aceept OEM project.

COME ALONG CABLE GRIPS, An ideal device for gripping, Pulling and tensioning of messenger wire ropes, cables and metal rods, depending in the diameter and surface up to a tensile strength of 1.770N/mm2

-1.The parallel jaws give a firm non – slip grip, not damaging the wire.

-2.Guide prevents the grip from dropping off the wire and affords instant release.

-3.Tight wire – gripping for Ratchet Puller (Pulley Tackle)

-4.More built – in safety factors than other brands

-5.Easily field repairable and inexpensive to maintain

-6.Solid ductile and malleable iron construction

-7.Loading capacity from 500kgs to 3,000kgs

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