Heavy duty wire rope pulling grip cable pulling grip come along clamp

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 Product Description of wire rope grips
 Used for the adjustment of wire in the projects of wire or cable laying or poles erecting.
 Features of wire rope grips
 1. Portable and easy to use.
 2. With strong power clip and latch insurance device, no slip.
 3. After special heat treatment, strong resistance to tension, no deformation.

  • ★ High quality alloy steel, The structure is compact and strong, and the top core parts are made of high quality alloy steel, which is specially heat treated. It is light and portable.

  • ★ The resistance is strong, the bite is high, not easy to slip and deform.

  • ★ The clamp mouth is equipped with anti-chip safety device, which ensures safety and no jumper.

  • ★ With delicate and smooth tongs, minimal damage to lead.

  • ★ The application of the tensioning device is applicable to the electric power, the operation of the industry and agriculture, and the tightening of the rope line

Safe Load

Min Cable Dia.

 Max Cable Dia.



15 mm







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