Adjustable american type wire grip galvanized forged round wire rope clamp

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Product Description
 Name: Wire Rope Grip/Cable Grip/Puller Ratchet Tightener
 1. Match with delicate smooth clamp mouth, minimal harm to wires.
 2. Made by high tensile forged carbon steel.
 3. Half-moon shape clamping jaw is suitable for pulling steel strand and steel wire.
 4. Planar shape clamping jaw is suitable for pulling electric cable, will not damage the cable's surface.
 5. Clamp mouth with insurance device, will not jump wire.
 6. After special heat treatment, the product has strong tension stress, high meshing degree and not easy slip or distort.
 7. Material: High Tensile Carbon Steel
 8. Constructions: heat treatment and high temperature treatment (Quenched and Tempered)
 9. Finish: color zinc plated

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